Catholic Mom Refuses Abortion After Cancer Diagnosis

This is the kind of story that's just too amazing to pass up. I know we see stories like this every once in a while but that doesn't make them any less amazing.

It's just so...counter cultural.

The Daily Mail reports:
A pregnant mother diagnosed with lung cancer who refused to abort her baby to save her own life has given birth to a healthy daughter and is now cancer-free.

Daniella Jackson, 21, was diagnosed with a tumour in her left lung shortly before discovering she was pregnant with her second child.

Doctors told Miss Jackson, who has never smoked a cigarette in her life, that they urgently needed to remove the 4cm-long tumour - a type usually found in people over 60.

However, medics at Nottingham City Hospital refused to operate while she was expecting and told her to terminate her pregnancy to save herself.
But Miss Jackson, a devout Catholic from Aspley, Nottingham, refused and gave birth to a healthy baby daughter.

Four weeks later, she was able to have the life-saving operation to remove half her lung. Now both mother and daughter Rennae, four months, are cancer free.


  1. Abortion, as in the intentional killing of a child in utero, has nothing to do with cancer treatment. Absolutely nothing.

  2. If doctors were afraid of a malpractice lawsuit, Danielle Jackson ought to have been informed of the risks and consent forms ought to be signed. The doctors ordered her to have an abortion. Danielle Jackson's refusal to have an abortion could have resulted in the doctors refusing to treat her. I thank God both mother and daughter are doing fine.

  3. We already knew abortion is not necessary for Cancer treatment,
    when are the doctors elsewhere going to start trying to save Both patients, mother & child. In places where the culture of death is acceptable, they recommend abortion, and it is not necessary. Shame on these doctors.

  4. God richly bless her. So inspiring!

  5. My sister was diagnosed with thyroid cancer when she was pregnant with her first child. She consulted her OB who determined when surgery would be safe for the baby (a window in the second trimester) and she scheduled it then. She and the baby did fine after surgery. After he was born (healthy), she went on to have other radioactive iodine treatments (which wouldn't have been safe while pregnant). She's since had repeated surgery and three more healthy children.

    I know the situation would be different with chemo and other treatments. But in many cases careful choices of timing and treatments are possible.

  6. So, rather than operate on a pregnant woman because it might harm the baby, they suggest killing the baby. Brilliant logicians as well as physicians, I see. I'm surprised Drs. Larry, Curly and Moe managed to take out the right lung.

  7. I wonder what Rennae thinks (and will articulate when she is old enough)? Congratulations to the family.


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