Indian Doctors feed aborted female fetuses to dogs to hide sex-selection abortion

This is just horrific.  Abortion is horrific. Gendercide is horrific. And so it is no surprise that these practices breed more horror. I really hope this report is not true. From India Today:
Some doctors in Beed are disposing of female foetuses by feeding them to dogs in order to destroy evidence of female foeticide.

The shocking revelation was made by Varsha Deshpande of Lek Ladki Abhiyan, an NGO working against the practice.

Maharashtra's Public Health Minister Suresh Shetty also admitted he had heard of foetuses thrown to the dogs in Beed.

Deshpande's allegation is significant as Beed in Marathwada has the worst child sex ratio - 801 girls being born per 1,000 boys (2011 census) - in Maharashtra.

The low percentage of females is attributed to rampant female infanticide in the area...

Deshpande claimed her organisation had conducted a sting operation on the doctor in 2010, in which he openly talked about how he was aborting female foetuses and feeding them to his five dogs.... 

"A person even saw a foetus being fed to the animals. This is known to everyone in Beed, but the police are not taking action as Munde is influential," Deshpande said.

She added that some other doctors in Beed kept dogs for the same purpose - to avoid the hassle of disposing of the bodies.
No before we sit back, all comfortable in our enlightenment, we need to be reminded that the West is not totally blameless in the global war on females. Mara Hvistendahl, in her fascinating book Unnatural Selection: Choosing Boys Over Girls, and the Consequences of a World Full of Men, goes beyond the typical reasons why many Asian countries are aborting their girls in record numbers.  We know Asian countries like India have a preference for boys and China has one-child policy.  But Asia has always prized their sons and only China has a one-child policy. Yet all over Asia, in the last few decades, millions of girls have gone missing.  Why? 

Hvistendahl makes a compelling case that the Western world shoved population control down the throats of Asians and presented sex-selective abortion as the "ethical" means to do it.  The typical arrogant and fearful Western minds thought we had to control the growth of Asian populations and reasoned that if Asians kept having children until they got a boy, then providing sex-selective abortion was the answer.  They could just abort all their girls until they got a boy and then they would be happy with only one child.  Hvistendahl writes:
Some population control advocates realized that using sex selection for population control might create a world where women might have to be locked up or forced to marry multiple men or traded like commodities but this was acceptable conditions to fight over-population.
In the 1960s and 1970s, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the World Bank, the United Nations and even Disney told couples all over Asia that they had to limit their family size or their children, and the rest of the world, would suffer. China responded with their one-child policy.

Eventually, decades later, the population control education is complete.  Coercion and propaganda, paid for by Western dollars, are no longer needed and families are voluntarily limiting themselves to one or two children.  And with portable ultrasounds and legalized abortion, they can ensure that at least one child is a boy.  India and China have now made sex-selective abortion illegal but the gendercide continues and women are becoming more and more marginalized as they become a rare commodity.

Now Asian countries are faced with the fruit of a population control movement that came from outside their borders and encouraged their gender preference: a world full of men unable to marry because their brides were aborted, a culture that increasingly treats women as commodities to be bought sold and traded, and a place where females fetuses are targeted, killed and apparently fed to the dogs.

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  1. Thought provoking! Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  2. This is so disgusting. I think of my three beautiful daughters and my five granddaughters and this makes me cry.

  3. In South Korea, there has of course been gendercide, due to overpopulation alarmism rather than coercion. Like in China, it's mainly because, in Korea, only sons can perform ancestor-worship.

    Japan is the one country I know of that isn't having a problem with gendercide. See, Japanese women can do ancestor-worship. Placing offerings in the household ancestor-shrine has been part of a wife's role since at least the 17th century.

  4. When the killing of our innocent children within what ought to be the haven of their mothers' wombs is no longer recognised as an unthinkable evil that "cries out to heaven", there is no other evil imagineable that cannot be rationalised and accepted. When the killing of the innocent and defenceless, our own children (!!) is accepted, nay promoted and institutionalised, our consciences are deadened, disabled - as no objective moral reference can then be used. The priests, nuns and lay Catholics who support this killing are they who say there is no mortal sin, no sin - Kung and his ilk and their "People of God". Blessed Michael the Archangel defend us!

  5. Feeding these babies to the dogs is not surprising, given what these people consider to be the throw-away nature of these girls' lives. Ironic that, in the name of "women's rights," women are being eliminated by the millions. Abortion started with Margaret Sanger's eugenics dream of eliminating the "undesirables." Feminists have been exposed as the hypocrites they are… and need no longer try to kid themselves or us... This is about abortion over all else... Nothing else matters. Satan laughs with delight. Mary weeps.

  6. Mass-gendercide abortion is women's rights. War is Peace. Love is Hate.

    *cough*George Orwell*cough*

  7. The other unmentioned consequence of sex-selective abortion/infanticide is that it guarantees that the total population will decline. Think about it: In nearly all animal populations, one male can produce many offspring from many females. But one female can only produce a definitely limited number of offspring, no matter how many males she has to fertilize her. All you need to destroy a population is one female with the inheritable characteristic of not being able to produce female offspring. I have just described India.


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