Great News And Not So Great News

Elizabeth Scalia alerted us to some very exciting news. I will let her tell it.
You guys remember Leah Libresco, right? The favorite Philosopher Atheist of many of us, here in the Catholic portal? The adorable, ubersmart Yalie grad whom I introduced a while back, as “a smart young cookie and a life-long atheist” and whose blog began as a geeky atheist picking fights with her Catholic boyfriend?
Yeah, her, the girl whose banner has been flying at the atheist’s corner:

Well, today she makes an announcement that will startle many...
She is becoming Catholic.

You really should read the whole thing because it is super interesting and I am so very happy for Leah, sorta.

Why sorta? Because Elizabeth also made this announcement.
Read the rest, which is Leah’s announcement at the Atheist Portal that she will be joining us tomorrow, here in the Catholic Portal, which I expect she will keep arguing and challenging and reasoning with her big brain, and also keep us apprised of what she is discovering in the RCIA classes she is already attending, in anticipation of being received into our beautiful, maddening, enlightening church, next Easter!
Having a blog on a Catholic portal during your conversion process? I cannot imagine a worse fate for anyone. She has no idea what she is getting into.

How could any intellectually curious catechumen withstand the pounding she will certainly get from other Catholics the moment she poses a question or publicly tries to think through a thought that is perceived to deviate from Catholic thought by a mere 1%? I would not wish it on anyone.

A blogger friend has sometimes suggested a blogging moratorium for those going through the conversion process. I see his point.

Conversion is a process and Leah doesn't know what she doesn't know yet. It will take a lot of prayer, intellectual and spiritual assent, and perseverance. She will undoubtedly battle with herself and God many times until the conversion takes root. To go through this process in public with atheists tearing at you from one side and the holier-than-thou brigade hitting you from the other is a tightrope walk worthy of a Wallenda.

I am very happy for you Leah. But better you than me.


  1. Surely there is room under the big umbrella of Holy Mother Church for someone who will question things as a way of coming to understand them, just as much as there is room for those, like (Sister)Margaret Farley, who question things in order deliberately to confuse and introduce error? Welcome, Leah. May the Holy Spirit enlighten you mind, heart and soul.

  2. This story just came across on the HotAir blog. :-)

  3. On her "about" blog, she writes:

    I hadn’t changed my mind about the existence of God, but here are some things that arguing with people on the internet and in real life has convinced me I was wrong about: I’m now in favor of covenant marriage, I’ve abandoned my former commitment to stoicism, and I think some forms of Christianity are internally consistent and even attractive.

    I just still don’t think they’re true."

    As an atheist, it will be interesting to see how she squares Catholicism with her stated belief in SSM among other positions she has held. It will be especially cool to see why she now believes that those teaching, previously false, have become true to her.


  4. Please don't link us to Patheos without warninng.

  5. Hee hee hee. "The Hound of Heaven". Welcome, Leah, to the same kind of journey I myself made!

  6. I don't understand how she can become Catholic if she writes "I hadn't changed my mind about the existence of God". Let's pray she truly goes through a full conversion. The LAST thing we need is another Sibelius or Pelosi-type CINO who begins every dissenting comment with "as an ardent Catholic..."

  7. At first I thought it was a cool bit of news and a wonderful thing - not immediately grasping the process only just began.

    As the Song of Songs warns, "Do not rouse, do not stir up love before its time." I think it is precipitous at best to celebrate a conversion before its time.

  8. Dudes: The About page hasn't been updated in the last several months, if not a year.


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