6 Reasons I Will Not Support Condi Rice as Veep

I used to run political campaigns. I know how to strategize. I know how to read polls. So many years ago, I might have argued to you why Mitt Romney picking Condoleezza Rice as his vice presidential nominee would be a brilliant maneuver. But I can't do that anymore. I won't. Because some things matter more than polls. And I'm telling you now that I won't be able to vote for a Romney/Rice ticket. I just don't see how I could.

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  1. You used to run political campaigns and you can't see the leak about Rice as a stunt? Romney was getting killed all day yesterday with the Bain story. So, he had someone leak Rice to Drudge as a way to change the news cycle. You have as much chance winning Mr. Universe as Rice does getting picked as the VP.

  2. So just how's this aggresively pro-life administration working out for us? Just remember, a non-vote is equal to an "O" vote.

  3. Yeah, don't vote for a Romney/Rice ticket and ensure that Obama gets back in and continues to step on our religious freedom and destroy America and its economy.

  4. She's also thought to be a lesbian and has spoken about how she "might" be in favor of "gay marriage." (Google the number of websites discussing it.)

    Ignoring that, she was a terrible Sec. of State and recently said that the so called "Arab Spring" was a good thing. Talk about a lack of good judgement!

    If she's the VP choice, I and 30% of the Republicans will sit at home on election day.

  5. Reason #1) Because Mitt Romney is on top of the ticket, and so I will vote 3rd-Party again this year.

    Reasons #2 thru 6) Moot. (See #1 above.)


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