Baker Targeted For Refusing Gay Wedding Cake

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Jack Phillips sells a lot of cakes. But one cake he refused to sell has brought the tolerance thugs to his door, pitchforks and torches at the ready.
LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – ...The owner of Masterpiece Cake Shop in Lakewood refused to bake a wedding cake for a local gay couple and now people are pushing a boycott against the owner.

Shop owner Jack Phillips probably didn’t think he was going to be wading into a civil rights debate a week ago when he told the gay couple that he would not make a cake for their wedding, but that’s exactly what has happened.
“If gays come in and want to order birthday cakes or any cakes for any occasion, graduations, or whatever, I have no prejudice against that whatsoever,” Phillips said. “It’s just the wedding cake, not the people, not their lifestyle.”
Some customers said they are now ordering cakes at the shop specifically because of the stance against gay marriage.

“We would close down that bakery before we closed our beliefs, so that may be what it comes to … we’ll see,” Phillips said.
So far, this case is different from Chick-Fil-A as these are protests and choices of consumers to either buy or not to buy from Mr. Phillips and the government is not trying to impose any sanctions. But this is a growing problem. More and more we will see these types of protests and more and more we will see sympathetic pols use the power of government to cajole and sanction those businesses that refuse to bend over for the gay agenda.

For my part, I will be in Lakewood in a few weeks and I will make sure I stop by the shop, order some goodies, and thank him for making a stand.


  1. Patrick, if you ever feel like nobody is listening to you, or you are yelling to no one, remember that there are a lot of us out here, that read almost everything you write, that would love to give you a pat on the back and a big old hug and say, "Exactly. Thank you!"

    Although I live in Boston, said hug would be a manly hug filled with brotherly love and communion, not one that is filled with 3 containers of chocolate milk and a Peter Pan quote. ;-)

  2. In this case, I would support the boycott. People should sell to anyone who comes into their shop, regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation or religion.

    Imagine if the baker refused to make a cake for a interracial couple! Or a Jewish couple!

    Chick Fil A is not in the same situation, because they will sell their sandwiches to anyone, gay or straight, black or white, Jew and gentile alike!

  3. @Paul Rimmer -
    You may want to re-read the story, especially the part where they quote him. He didn't refuse to make a cake for a gay couple. Instead he specifically said he had no problem making a cake for anyone, including a gay couple. Just not a WEDDING cake. There is a big difference.

  4. Good grief... is it my imagination, Pat, or are there a great many more trolls on this blog than there were, even 6 months ago? I feel as if I need hip-boots to wade through them, lately...

  5. G.h.-Please stop your spurious attempts to equate gay "marriage" to racially mixed marriage. This is not a civil rights issue but an issue of behavior and beliefs that originate before the Bible and thus pre-date Christianity in what is universally referred to as natural law (our entire legal code is based on this). “Your wrong” does not equal “I hate you” or in the recent words of Cardinal George – “Neither Church nor state invented marriage, and neither can change its nature.”

  6. Remember though marriage is not about the cake... or the gift registry... or the economic windfall for reception vendors.

    I sympathize more with a recently photographer, who had to be witness to a ceremony, compared to a cake maker. If you can't do something, simply refer someone in any circumstance to another professional who can. "Just say, sorry this isn't my niche, but I know someone who is a better fit for this occasion."

    Marriage public policy is based on on a child's need for his/her mother and father. Sure there are elements that may benefit other forms of relationships, let's create new public policy to protect, but we can not afford to make it a hate crime to acknowledge the importance of a mother and father, because by nature it is heterosexual.

  7. CL1945 "Just not a WEDDING cake."

    Define 'a wedding cake'?

    What makes a wedding cake a wedding cake?

    The number of tiers? The color scheme? Real vs. flowers made out of frosting?

    The cake topper?

    It's a cake. Cake is cake.

    Is it more offensive when guest don't eat it? Is it more offensive, when a couple smooshes it into each other's faces?

    Does the bride and groom have to be present to pick out the cake?

    Should couples show proof of a marriage license before delivery of cake?

  8. Good for Jack. No one should be forced to violate their conscience.

  9. Put gay-so called marriage on the ballot and remember the taxpayers who constitute government and the will of the people to constitute government. WE, the people who constitute government get to say what is to be in our culture. A fake husband and a fake wife, make a fake people. Would you buy a car from a fraudulent businessman and not worry about being swindled? We,the people are being swindled out of the truth. Fake is perjury in a court of law.
    Gayhomo85 You can lie to yourself all you want but you will not lie to the people. Lying is perjury and Justice is reign. Truth will reign.

  10. No Renee, A cake gives consent to the evil of lying about a person's sexual indentity. A man pretending to be a woman and wife and a woman pretending to be a man and a husband is lying. It is PRETENDING, NOT REAL, NOT CONDUCIVE TO HAPPINESS because the participants do not acknowledge each other's immortal, RATIONAL HUMAN SOUL and their belonging to the homosapiens species. Pretty much damning each other to hell, the homosexual commits assault and battery on the partner. Crime cannot, may not, and will not be legalized by the truth of it being a crime.

  11. "gayhomo85 said...
    Mary, you need to get laid. INSTANTLY. Enjoy some sweaty sex." Hell is freezing over and you do not see the writing on the wall. When you get to hell say "HELLO" to all the Sodmites and Gomorrahites. They will love to have you. Crunchy you know.

  12. Making oneself out to be a soulless entity is the ultimate rejection of manhood.

  13. If queers want wedding cakes, why don't they bake their own or start bakeries that will make them? This is nothing but an attempt to control and intimidate the rest of us who don't believe in this sodomite silliness.

  14. Mary, we have to pick our battles. I'm not going to battle over cake, I live in a state with gay marriage. It hasn't brought equality, instead public policy has ignored the necessity of the family. Especially in low income communities, where they can't afford $1000 dollar cakes.

    Fatherless is rapid, lack of emotional stability and gang activity has increased. My progressive friends run for the suburbs and firmly plant planned parenthoods to eradicate 'the problem'.

  15. How long, O Lord, must we be oppressed by the unholy? The devil has no soul. The devil recognizes the Begotten Son of Man and flees in terror of the Holy Virgin Mary. O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee. Bring all men to know your Holy Son, Jesus Christ, before they must face death.

  16. For awhile Mary.... can't wait until they feed us to the lions and chase us underground.

  17. Don't look to be fed to the lions, PETA won't allow it. We'll just be nickel & dimed to death via the IRS, CPS, etc.

  18. Every human being is brought into existence in perfect moral and legal innocence, a virgin in original innocence. Only the Blessed Virgin was conceived in original innocence and preserved in perfect virginity to be the Mother of God. Every other person must repent to recover their original innocence before the perfect Justice of God. Every other person must struggle against the world, the devil, and the flesh.
    Actually, America is the only country with a constitution that guarantees freedom through the First Amendment, whereas all the other nations including the United Nations have a human rights declaration that omits God as "their Creator" giving the people rights through the state. What the state gives the state can take away.
    "gayhomo85 said...
    Really, Mare? A prayer?"
    When God gets done with you, gayhomo85, even the devil will feel sorry for you. This is not a tenet of the Faith, but it sounds about right. Persons who choose hell are forever not remembered. No person in heaven remembers who the souls in hell are. Repeat after me: the bottom-less pit. Begone from me ye accursed of God. If you can read, go read Dante's Inferno. If you cannot read, go ask someone to read to you Dante's Inferno.

  19. I wish I had a trip planned to CO so I could go get me some cake at this bakery. Good for Jack!

  20. "Laura Quigley said...
    I wish I had a trip planned to CO so I could go get me some cake at this bakery. Good for Jack!" Me too.

  21. gay, I've read books by people like Engels, Lively, and Abrams that tell about the various unlovely nicknames you poor folks give yourselves. What can I say except you and your fellow perverts must know enough about yourselves to give each other those colorful, nasty nicknames.

  22. I can see the point that making, specifically, a "wedding cake" for a gay marriage is participating in the false idea that what is happening is a marriage. I could also see it if another Catholic or Christian baker decided that this is not too much of a participation. What does seem important to me is for this baker to have the right to act according to his conscience. But since homosexuals have been declared to be a "class" of people, I think the equal accommodation laws will be found to apply to this situation, just as they were found to apply to wedding photographers.

    Back when they were passing the civil rights laws there were those who objected, not because they hated or had any particular onus against Negroes, but because they felt that these laws limited the freedom of association. (For instance, the very impressive Sam Erwin whom some may remember from the Watergate hearings.) They thought that a man ought to be free to do business with whomsoever he chose, and not to do business with whomsoever he chose. A justifiable repugnance for racism overcame this intrinsically reasonable hesitation. With generally good effect in the situation for which the law was written. But now we see those unintended consequences foreseen by those who opposed the law.

    Susan Peterson


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