Horror: Russian Fisherman Finds 248 Aborted Babies Dumped

A Russian fisherman discovered four blue unmarked barrels of aborted babies in a forest in the Ural Mountains, according to news reports. Just dumped there with the barrel lids popped off.

It's believed that the unborn babies were all under 12 weeks so it's likely they were aborted legally and probably come from several separate clinics. So it's likely that police will be asking questions of the company responsible for "disposal of bio-medical waste" as NBC called the dead babies.

But as much as the news reports all carefully refer to the babies as fetuses or "bio-medical waste" it's interesting to note in the news report what the regular person quoted in the story said.
Resident Sergei Tvritinov told state television that his friend spotted the barrels while fishing.

“He ran into some water canisters and wanted to take them home, but when he came closer he saw little baby bodies," Tveritinov said.
Here's the report from Russia Today via Gateway Pundit. Notice how the reporter seems intent on switching the horror from actually finding dead babies in the woods to concerns about them being used for stem cell research. If the unborn are being used for research that too would be horrible but can we please just for a second deal with the horror that 248 little human beings were inhumanely just dumped in the woods like...well...like bio-medical waste:


  1. A shocking concept to the both of you, anon and savage, that you can disagree AND maintain a civil and respectful attitude.
    Why do tolerance and acceptance of others' beliefs never extend to those with which you disagree? Isn't that the exact opposite of tolerance?

  2. Huh? Where have I been "uncivil"?

    And for the record I don't tolerate bigotry be it based in ignorance or superstition. Granted there is some overlap.

    Not sure what that has to do with legal abortion...

  3. Thanks for sharing this post. It is amazing that, as a society, the story needs to swiftly move from the horror of tiny babies being killed to their proper disposal.

    God help us all!

    1. Horrible. Just HORRIBLE. If only those babies were in heaven. Shame they weren't baptized.

  4. Matt and Pat:

    I know you like to have a fairly open commmenting system, but come on. At the very least re-consider allowing anonymous commenting.

  5. Paul

    I already did. I had it off for a few weeks when we were over run with these barbarians. I just turned it back on since some legitimate commenters complained. Might have to consider leaving it this way.

  6. BTW Paul,
    As you can imagine, we don't sit around all day monitoring comments so some patience is appreciated.

    1. You guys really should. This is awful.

  7. Why were my posts deleted? They were not "uncivil" nor am I "Anonymous".

    Try again.

    Killing babies is worse than killing puppies but abortion doesn't kill a baby it kills a fetus.

    At any rate that's not the main point of "pro-choice", that would be that a woman has final say over every inch of her body and as long as the fetus is inside of her she is the only one who has a say.

  8. No problems, Pat. I didn't mean to get on you guys - it just seemed to get out of hand today.

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  10. Anonymous said...
    Puppies are cute. Babies are bags of annoying noise. Plus, Jesus was a dog. So puppies are his true children. Obviously.

    The devil knew Jesus to be God. 248 aborted souls are the devils work. Who is like unto God.

  11. "At any rate that's not the main point of "pro-choice", that would be that a woman has final say over every inch of her body and as long as the fetus is inside of her she is the only one who has a say."

    When the woman wanted to kill her unborn life, the child became a ward of the court in Roe v Wade because all men are created equal and endowed with unalienbale rights to Life by their Creator. The Ninth Amendment supports the Declaration of Independence. The sovereign person would not be alive if the child had no soul. 248 souls were aborted and brought to death. There can be no death unless there is life and LIFE is protected by our founding principles, their life, your life, there is no difference.

  12. Given the huge numbers of abortions performed around the world since Roe v. Wade, i keep wondering why so many women want abortions. These women know that, without abortions, they will give birth to a child. Whether a person calls it a fetus or a child, every woman knows that she is cutting off the life of a child in some way when she has an abortion. A "fetus" never becomes a frog, for instance. It will be a child. If women did not want abortions, the abortion clinics would have to close. So...why do so many women want abortions? Mystifying.

  13. Y'all do realize these were not aborted fetuses, right?. Being under 12 weeks gestation, should an abortion have occurred, the result would have unfortunately been unrecognizable. Besides, not even the "barbaric" Russians would have any need to preserve aborted fetuses in this way.

    Stem cell research is also out for two important reasons: 1) stem cells are harvested within the first 16 cell divisions of a fertilized egg, before the cells have differentiated into specific functionalities (hence the term "stem"); and, 2) formaldehyde would have destroyed cellular viability. Research of this kind simply is not done on actual babies, regardless of how the media portrays the procedure.

    This is not about the right to choose or the right to life; sadly, this is an example of improper disposal of biomedical waste, which is what these tiny bodies became when they were left at the hospital after their extremely premature births. The whole thing's messed up, yes, but it's not about abortions.


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