Imagine Sisters: Antidote to the LCWR

With all of the hubbub about the leadership of the LCWR, how refreshing it is to see the emergence of a new organization called "Imagine Sisters." They are not singing a new Church into being, but bringing Christ anew to the Church that is ever ancient, ever new. From their web site:

Imagine Sisters is a web and campus-based movement that aims to inspire the imaginations of young women to consider the beautiful call to consecrated life as a sister. With the guiding truth that one sister can change the world, Imagine Sisters strives to connect the world with sisters passionately embracing their call to serve the Lord.


  1. YAY! They are such a great movement and I am glad to see others spreading the word about them. The other great thing is to see the two Dominican Sisters of Mary, especially Sr. Joseph Andrew. I am one of 22 young women entering there in August and it is so wonderful to see people get excited about vocations!

  2. Breathtaking! Thank you & the sisters.

  3. Finally, consecrated religious women who are happy and proud of their call to religious life.

    Bravo for them and the women who will be moved to respond to God's call.

  4. Just saw them for the first time... love the idea, hope this group takes off like the DSMMOE and other exploding orders!

    Sisters really are the warriors in the Church.


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