Judge Continues To Block Abortion Law

Hey, remember when it seemed that the Supreme Court might overturn Obamacare and all the secularized lunatics of the left all screamed and cried that it was A LAW!!! And it was passed by two houses and signed by a President!!!! And you can't overturn the WILL OF THE PEOPLE!!!!! WAAAAAAaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!

But then this:
A federal judge on Wednesday continued to block a state law that threatens to shut down Mississippi's only abortion clinic and make it nearly impossible for women to get the procedure in the state.

U.S. District Judge Daniel P. Jordan III temporarily blocked the law July 1 and extended that order Wednesday, though he did not say when he would rule on the clinic's request for a preliminary injunction that would put the law on hold for a longer period. If he grants that request, the case eventually would go to trial.
But there's hasn't been so much as a peep from the looney leftists about laws and the will of the people and the glory of the bicameral legislature.

It's weird that whenever the will of the people doesn't coincide with the leftists' utopia fetish, it becomes instantly malleable to the whim of our overlords.


  1. IMHO, nothing tops Obama's refusal to uphold his oath of office to enforce duly enacted federal laws and defend the constitution simply because he disagrees with them. Exhibit #1 is the Defense of Marriage Act. More recently our king has ruled his will as supreme on immigration enforcement. He should be impeached.


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