Which Patrick Posts Are Most Boring?

Matthew and I have been having a lively debate and we need your help. Which posts of mine do you find most boring?

A) My very insightful yet oddly ignored posts on European politics and economics.

B) My brilliant rants on the death of liberty in America.

C) My repeated prognostications of various forms of DOOM, of which I am certainly correct.

Matthew thinks A, but I am not sure. Matthew writes posts about kids vomiting and playing monkey-in-the-middle so I am not sure if he is the best judge of boring.

What say you?


  1. D) Santorum
    Thank God that's over with.

  2. August,
    You are just upset that I, almost single-handedly, obtained the nomination for Rick. If only you naysayers got on the bandwagon a little earlier I could have gotten it done. Then I would be measuring the drapes for my new office at the HHS. Alas and alack.

  3. I didn't even realize you were writing posts here anymore.

    I really look forward to the DMac posts.

  4. I get most annoyed at the posts you DON'T write, when there's a major piece of Catholic news that gets ignored.

    But, you work for yourself and I don't pay you to write, so I figure I don't get a say.

  5. I like them all. I think your brother deserves a wet willy for calling you boring.

  6. Oooh give him a swirly instead!

  7. What was this post about? I fell asleep from boredom after the first paragraph.

    (Says everyone who reads my political philosophy posts.)

  8. Well, you've got to keep posting about A, because Europe is right now where we want to be.

    And B is important, because you've got to be able to point back and say "I saw this coming, so consider listening to me know," when America starts to crumble and people start to panic.

    So C, then? Gotta keep praying for hope, and exposing the fruit of sin is always more indulgent than exposing the fruit of virtue.

  9. You omitted a category: those where you use "evah" in the headline. Old. Tired. Prdictable. AND JUT PLAIN IRRITATING! Keep the European stuff. I'll rad that kind of stuff here but usually not other places. If you get me started I learn something very now and again.

  10. Dunno, Pat. I find A,B, and C interesting. I am puzzled by the lyrics to "DownTown" under your header, though.

  11. I just skip over Patrick's posts and read only Matthew's. So I can't really answer the question. I can relate more to kids vomitting and playing monkey in the middle than I can to politics

  12. It has to be any post that mentions your job in IT. BOR-ING! (Says this reader...who also works in IT.)

  13. ...And to be completely fair, Pat's posts are a big reason I regularly read. At least someone else is angry about all this avoidable nonsense.

  14. I want to point out that "Evah!" is 99% a Matt thing! And he does it because it is " Old. Tired. Prdictable. AND JUT PLAIN IRRITATING!"


    I think I can count on one had the number of times I have mentioned my day job in the last 5+ years. Seriously?

  15. Patrick, here's my two cents. After reading some articles that link to NCReg, your picture there does not convey "incredibly interesting."

    See, after reading a monkey-in-the-middle post and remembering Matthew's NCReg picture, one automatically thinks, "[chuckle] That guy's funny. 'Monkey in the middle is evil'? [chuckle] I like his stuff."

    I personally think a picture has great influence in priming consumers. Not to say you have to have a ridiculous picture of yourself in order for people to think, "He's SO interesting - let me read his stuff on CMR!" But everytime I see "Patrick Archbold" under the post, I remember the NCReg pic, and it doesn't have quite the same "makes-me-wanna-comment" vibe.

    (Hope that doesn't sound uncharitable. Or stupid.)


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