Biden to Blacks: Romney "Put Y'All Back in Chains"

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Well here we are still months away from election day and the left has already accused Romney of giving cancer to a woman, taking away Medicare from old people, and now Joe Biden just told a room with a bunch of black people in it that Romney's going to put black people back in chains.

This is going to get even uglier the closer we get to November. I don't know how. But I know it will.

And don't believe the spin that Biden wasn't talking about slavery. Listen to the noise that crowd makes. They all know exactly what he's talking about. Disgusting.

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  1. It is a fact that when 70% of the nation's economy is owned by outside interests, the nation is no longer a sovereign nation but is a "slave" nation to outside interests. Read China. Right now, 50% of America's economy is owned by outside interests. It was the plan to bury America in a one world government under the world bank, but since the euro failed and the European Union failed, proponents dare not go there.
    Obama has written into the Affordable Healthcare Act that premiums for seniors on social security may go as high as Obama wants, giving Obama a stranglehold on social security.
    The Declaration of Independence, The U.S. Constitution and Emancipation Proclamation, all beget FREEDOM and prevent slavery. Those individuals who refuse our “Creator”, our unalienable rights and sovereign personhood endowed at conception have forfeited their unalienable rights and their sovereign personhood as well as their citizenship. American citizenship is predicated on observing the tenets of FREEDOM inscribed in these our founding principles and nowhere else on earth are they but in America.
    Let Paul Ryan, who embraces and proclaims these American founding principles be elected to protect America’s posterity and Americans across this country.
    Honestly, I would force Obama to recite our founding principles, force Obama to reiterate the First FREEDOMS and especially the Emancipation Proclamation and watch Obama choke on these truths.

  2. The truly sad part is that people are buying this propaganda from the Democrats. Why isn't Biden being declared a racist for such remarks? Besides, hasn't he heard of the Fourteenth Amendment?

  3. And this BFD is one heartbeat away from the presidency.

  4. Let's all sing a rousing chorus of Ol' Man River!

  5. Giuliani was speculating yesterday whether Biden has the mental capacity to lead the country if anything happened to Obama--after seeing this and the video of him mocking the sign language as his speech was being translated, I would have to agree.

  6. Whereas the Progressives will continue to enslave the productive members of society in the chains of support for an endlessly growing and hugely incompetent bureaucracy.

  7. Joseph D'Hippolito, and the Ninth and the Tenth Amendment. Make Obama recite those amendments a thousand times.

  8. @ William Meyer: Obamacare alone will establish 52 new gencies to regulate the health care industry. As a blank check Obamacare can write all the checks they want to, change all the rules they want to and tax the citizens all they want to, nothing on the ballot, no will of the people voiced. FREEDOM


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