Catholic School Principal Affirms Marriage, Lunacy Ensues

A principal of a Catholic school in New Zealand affirmed traditional marriage in the school newsletter. Lunacy, wretching, screaming, vomiting, and hair pulling rapidly ensued.

Students created a Facebook page protesting the comments, a teacher has been fired for speaking against the principal, and a media firestorm has been created.

The teacher is on the television now telling everyone that the school is mean to gays. Without watching the video, all you need to know about this teacher is that he wears a scarf inside the television studio and he says that Christians should be tolerant. Yeah, he's that guy.

TVNZ reports:
Stanton (the principal) wrote in the newsletter: "My religious objection is aligned with church doctrine on marriage."

He said New Zealand society and laws have a Christian base and "should we become non-biased in applying faith-derived values to marriage one could argue for polygamy."

He noted that same sex couples argue for a "right" to children.

"My fear is we are moving towards a society where children become an 'entitlement' or 'right' and therefore commodities," Stanton wrote.

"I acknowledge that possessive parents are not exclusively found in same-sex relationships but I contend that such relationships may be more disposed towards such a mindset."

Studdart told Close Up he has no issue with the principal's stance on gay marriage.

"I fully understand, it's a Catholic school. It wouldn't be my opinion, but he's entitled to his.

"My real problem with it, separate from the students issue really, is where he contended, to use his words, that somehow gay parents would be lesser parents," said Studdart.

The principal declined a request by Close Up to appear on the programme but sent a statement affirming that the college "welcomes, and will always welcome parents and children from same-sex families".

In his statement Stanton said: "I find difficulty in reconciling that with comments, made by very few, that the newsletter encourages intolerance and discrimination against gays."

But Studdart said a teacher's first duty of care is to the students and making classrooms safe.

'We were always told to be tolerant'
How come those who march under the banner of tolerance are always telling everyone to shut up? And why do they wear scarves inside?


  1. I know the issue is a serious one, but watching a New Zealand newsclip and hearing the accents - I'm reminded too much of Monty Python, and I start laughing.

  2. An unemancipated infant, and the children are called "infants" in a court of law until they reach the age of majority, usually at eighteen years of age, cannot give informed consent as to whether he wants a fake mother or a fake father in a same sex marriage as parents. That the courts are moving to approve of same sex marriage is troubling since this will remove the natural parenting of a real father and a real mother, forcing a choice on the "infants" they are legally unable and in all human decency ought not have to make. That the courts are willing to concede this freedom to militant homosexual activists is nothing less than tyranny.

  3. Mary Devoe: Usually your postings are very informative and factual. But today, you used a term twice that is neither informative or factual. The descriptions of Same Sex and the description Marriage must never be used in connection with each other. To use them together in describing a union is an oxymoron. It's way pass time Catholics start refusing to use these terms together. To quote the Reader's Digest "You use a term three times and it is yours". As Catholics, the term SS and Marriage can never be ours.

  4. Mr. Archbold, if I had to make a guess about the scarf-wearing, I'd
    say folks do it to hide the seam left from where their heads were
    unscrewed and their critical reasoning skills removed.

    Just a guess.

  5. elm: Thank you for your sincere response. I promise to be more careful in addressing the issue of same sex practitioners whose relationships deny the human being's immortal soul. In my own defense please note that in "a fake mother or a fake father in a same sex marriage as parents", same sex relationships are modified by "a fake mother or a fake father" leading the reader to realize that ssm is a fake, an incontrovertible, irrevocable, insurrmountable FAKE, a lie and perjury in a court of law. Thanks again, elm, I do enjoy your posts.

  6. Since the issue of civil rights and equality is the theme of the lawsuits of militant homosexual practitioners, it is important to include the children, the infant minors who are created equal in civil rights and are sovereign persons whose un-emancipated status must be acknowledged and respected, and whose virginity, innocence, sovereignty and right to informed consent must be upheld by the court in Justice.

  7. "Same-sex marriage" is, unfortunately, the thing they're advocating—conferring the status of marriage on a same-sex "couple". That the thing doesn't actually happen is immaterial; it's the most convenient description of the legal goal they're after.

    Strictly speaking, one who, say, "inherits illegitimately" isn't actually an heir at all, but we do still talk about it in those terms. Language is only an approximation of reality.


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