Left Attacks Janna Ryan As "Disgrace" "Twit" "Stepford"

Leftists are tearing apart the wife of Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan, Janna Ryan for being a stay at home mom. For this offense, the Telegraph bio received some really vicious comments from leftists who call her alternately "disgrace", a "twit", and a "Stepford wife."

Remember not too long ago when the Democrats suggested that Ann Romney had never worked a day in her life because she stayed home to raise family. Now it is Janna Ryan's turn.

The Daily Mail did a quick bio of the VP nominee's accomplished wife.
She is a graduate of the prestigious Massachusetts all-women's college Wellesley, her mother's alma mater.

Following her undergraduate degree, she attended the George Washington University Law School.

Janna Christine Little was working for PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Washington, D.C., and living in Arlington, Virginia, after she graduated.

After she married Ryan, she settled down in Wisconsin and raised a family.
Lovely, another upper middle class female who got the expensive education and does nothing with it but change dirty diapers. She should have had her parents give all that education money to a young woman who needed it and would have really used it. So she has power in Washington by throwing dinner parties. She is a disgrace to educated women everywhere. Get a job.

- evelyn, NYC , 12/8/2012 13:59

As usual, another stay at home twit. Wake the hell up people!! R&R don't represent the average american...anyone who votes for them is just as idiotic and full of elitist garbage...this is such a joke...

- waks, this zany zany world, 11/8/2012 19:11
Another blonde Republican wife. How original ! She'll wear bright red like the rest of them, when hubby makes a speech. And LONG HAIR. GOP loves that homey look. I hope she doesn't have any living relatives over 60, because her husband will make sure they have few benefits from the Government,. She'll be ok. She's married to a Congressman, and they take care of their own.

- Mary Brickman, Lansdale, PA USA, 11/8/2012 13:58

Giving up career for family? That never seems to end well for women, does it?

- Sarah, USA, 11/8/2012 15:03

American women need to rise up and enusre that these republican, white, uber wealthy men, who marry well educated women who do nothing with themselves but give birth to a pack of kids, do not control this country. The fact that Mitt Romney has come this close to becoming the President of the United States is truly embarrassing. How many grandkids does the man have, eighteen? That is beyond irresponsible to do to the planet and this country. He will roll women's rights back to the dark ages. I am sick to death of what the republican party represents, war, repression of women, elitism, religious fanatiscism, destruction of the environment, and nothing but an artificial, superficial value system that the rest of the world despises. That's just what we need, two stepford wives as first and second ladies and two men who love to keep their wives pregnant and dellight in nothing more than shooting a few innocent wild animals.

- julie craven, San Diego USA, 11/8/2012 17:00

Well. that didn't take long. When you are a Republican, the rule about laying off families does not apply.
*subhead*For being a stay at home mom.*subhead*


  1. Actually the article is from the Daily Mail

  2. I thought feminists fought for women being able to choose their own way in life and respect for women in general. These vicious attacks demonstrate how much I got that wrong and how miserable their attackers are. Wives and mothers wield a lot power in shaping present and future generations. I guess women who "eat" their own young don't see that.

  3. Actually Pat, it's not being Republican that causes the leftists to ignore their laying off rule, it's being traditional about anything that brings the blood to the eyes, and froth to the mouth.

  4. Unfortunately, these women probably all come from homes where Mom put work before them. If any of these commenters had stay at home Moms, I am SURE they would feel differently.

  5. "Wives and mothers wield a lot power in shaping present and future generations. I guess women who "eat" their own young don't see that." THANK YOU SO MUCH Unknown, it is about time we started talking the truth.

    My response to them is "what, should they [Ann or Janna] take a job away from a single mom that really needs that job to provide a better future for her children?"

    But the blb's, brainwashed lib bimbos, do not get that. Sadly, they will never know the peace, beauty and love of a family, because to be a functioning family with your center the best interests of your child(ren), it takes sacrifices, often one of the parent's careers being one of them.

    These BLB's are far too self-centered to ever forgo something that is their only source of identity. (And actually, since it is their sole source of identity, it must be out of self-protection of their psyche that they so rabidly demean total women.)

    By their eschewing most parts of the beauty, wisdom and complexity of being a woman, they are left acting like sophomoric boys. Which is tragic, for them, and for our country.

  6. Isn't Michele Obama something of a "stay-at-home mom"--who went to law school, etc, etc?

  7. But the standards for liberal women is always different, even Obama thinks his wife should get a salary because her job is sooooo hard.

    She has a staff who does all the household chores and makes her schedule, a trainer to help with those "fabulous" arms, a hairstylist on staff, and drivers to pick up her kids at school. All she does is show up at expensive dinners and gush about her husband.

    A stay at home mom does all those things herself and more, but because we don't do them for pay, they don't count. I thought a Marxist such as Obama believes that labor is the true worth in any good/service. Stay at home moms labor from dawn to dusk, but we don't get any respect from said Marxist. What a hypocrite.

  8. The irony of feminism is that the feminists do not want to be accepted as women but as men; and they seem to despise anything authentically feminine.

  9. I was saying to my husband last night that i hope that the Ryan family is ready for what's coming at them.

    @Jen Raiche: The women who wrote those comments and that articles were undoubtedly raised by SAHMs. They had safety and security at home that gave them a sense that they can go out and do anything. Those of us who had mothers that worked, or were raised without mothers, know acutely the difference that having a mother at home makes and would never write such things.

  10. Mrs. Ryan is hard-working, successful, beautiful, a great wife and mom, and just plain nice. That's what confuses the anti-family, anti-woman ideologues.

  11. Interesting observation: The Anti-Mrs-Ryan-comments at the Daily Mail are being voted down massively by the readers.

  12. Been both a working mom and stay at home. By the third child it does not pay to work, unless you have a live-in grandparent or work different shifts. Also commute/travel time matters in the balance. If my husband worked closer, it would be easier to balance, but for now in this poor economy there is no flexibility.

    Mothers working or not, understand the balance and decisions we make. It is the childress who wrongly sit there and judge not knowing what it is like.

  13. But Renee, they would argue you are selfish to have 3 kids... using up too many of the earth's resources is looked down upon.

    I stayed at home until my kids were school age (I had 3), then I chose to teach. I regret neither decision... it worked for me, my husband, and my kids. Being smart isn't wasted on your kids when you are an at-home mother, believe me. My mom (also a teacher once we were in school) told me that she didn't care if I only wanted to go to school to find a husband; she felt the quality of the husband would be better if I met someone in college or grad school than high school. I'm sure Janna's parents "investment" in their daughter's education paid off.

  14. Dollars to donuts "Mary Brickman" always wanted blonde hair.

  15. So people who have multiple kids and often Christian values are outnumbering the non reproducing and oh so enlightened selfish people who can't even describe women and children with respect, unless that women works and doesn't have the children. So how is it we aren't overwhelming these bizarre individuals who barely reproduce or do same sex couples, etc. how are we losing the numbers?

  16. These people are nuts or evil. I don't want any unity with them.

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  18. and had the wife only went to high school and been a stay-at-home mom, what would they call her then? What if her husband died and she needed that education to support her family? People who talk about educated (or non-educated) stay-at-home-moms are ignorant to what is it like to raise a well mannered, productive child in this society today.


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