Lolo Jones Breaks Down Over NY Times Scathing Column

What a bunch of jerks at the New York Times. Say, you don't think this has anything to do with Lolo being a professed Christian, do you?

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  1. Matthew - Can you change the way your do your subheads? Patrick changed his by moving them to the bottom of the posts. Now they don't block the posts within Google Reader. Yours however are nearly illegible because the subhead is on top of the message body.

    Thanks and great job.

  2. And Lolo Jones is not abashed in standing up for purity and chastity. She even shared her virgin status to the world and put her head in the chopping board of the media in the process. A lot of media folks are irreligious it seems. They see themselves as secular humanists and promote that worldview by extolling godless folks and cutting down believers - in every turn.

  3. The U.S. "media" is a disgrace. First they criticize the first black American gymnast with to gold medals over her hair and now this. My solitary comfort is that soon the NYT will no longer exist they are fiscally and morally bankrupt. A pox on their houses.

  4. Dear Lolo,

    Please don't let the NYT concern you - they are small people with even smaller minds. You are a winner - on a personal level it is not about the medal; it's about character and courage. In those categories you are pure gold.

  5. I found this comment from one "F. Douglas" on's website:

    When I was working full time in journalism, it often seemed as though the many of the journalists I worked with -- encouraged by company policies -- saw things through the lens of political correctness: What would promote it, what would hinder it, etc.

    Especially sports people, who feel they don't often do the kind of writing that has much impact on the lives of people, will tend to over-do things when they have a chance to work on stories that they perceive might "make a difference."

    Having said that, I think Jones is reacting less to the story per se than to her own disappointing performance. This is from Today's website:

    On Tuesday night, Jones tweeted that she had a “broken heart’' after missing an Olympic medal finish by one-tenth of a second. Her disappointment followed her performance in the 2008 Olympics, when she was leading the race and clipped the ninth of 10 hurdles to finish seventh. She took no solace that the Tuesday night race was the fastest one in Olympic history, with Australia’s Sally Pearson running an Olympic-record 12.35 seconds to edge American Dawn Harper by two-hundredths of a second to win.

    “Definitely, I was crushed afterwards,’’ Jones said. “I know I had the best race of my season. Not the best race of my life, but I had the best race of my year, so I just try to look at that. It doesn’t take away from the pain that I was close to once again having a medal and not getting it.”

    Some of you might remember Mary Decker in the 1984 Olympics. Zola Budd collided with her in the 3,000m race, and Decker fell. She blamed Budd for depriving her of a gold medal that Decker thought would be hers, though the other competitors did not believe it was Budd's fault. The New York Times had nothing to do with that.


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