Romney and Ryan - A Murderous Duo?

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With the announcement that Mitt Romney is selecting Paul Ryan as his vice presidential nominee I was thankful. And it hit me that both our presidential candidate and our vice presidential candidate have both been accused of murder in ads from liberals.

Here's the famous "Mitt Romney gave my wife the cancer" ad:

And you might remember this one of Ryan throwing grandma off the cliff:

You don't actually think it's going to get more responsible from here, do you? If this is the starting point of the Democrats campaign, this is going to be very very ugly.


  1. I spent some "quality" time over at HuffandPuff and the general theme is, "Ryan will do away with Medicare." Never mind that Obummer has already stolen millions to fund his pet project.

    Insurance means nothing if you don't have a doctor. I personally hate Medicare. I feel like I'm on welfare whenever I go to the doctor (seldom) because I know he's getting screwed over on the reimbursements.

  2. My husband has had two of his drs. quit in the last year, his general practitioner and his cardiologist. Gone. Both young men.

    Paul Ryan was my pick from the beginning. Beautiful family, pray they can weather the storm ahead.

  3. Paul Ryan is a good man. The generosity of the American people will more than fill the need for charity. Obama needs to return our tax dollars that the American Citizen may do healthcare in charity and love. I have faith and trust in the human heart and in the Divine Providence of almighty God. Please return almighty God and His Divine Providence to the public square. We will do just fine without communism. FREEDOM

  4. "Mitt Romney gave my wife cancer" God would have returned her health if the man had asked God, but if Mitt Romney had been asked, he too, would have prayed for the return of her health. An atheist wants God to heal his wife without asking, and now he wants to blame others. Grow up and pray to God for Divine Providence. FREEDOM

  5. Now all Mitt has to do is name Chuck Norris as Secretary of Defense and the Dems won't have a chance...I think the Paul Ryan choice was inspired.


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