Back to the Back Alley in California

*subhead*Protecting women.*subhead*
Remember that the argument feminists made to legalize abortion was that they had to get the abortions out of the back alley and have them performed by physicians so as to protect women. That's what it was supposedly all about. Protecting women, right?.

But oddly, it now seems that protecting women may not be a priority for the pro-aborts because they're now pushing a bill that's currently made its way to the governor's desk to allow non physicians to perform abortions.

According to The New American:
The California Senate passed a bill September 6 that would make it legal for non-physician medical professionals such as midwives to perform abortions under a statewide training program. The measure now awaits Democratic Governor Jerry Brown's signature.
It seems there just aren't enough doctors willing to perform abortions anymore so now the pro-aborts want to bring what they've long called "the dark ages" back to the 21st century where non-physicians performed abortions.

Welcome back to the back alley ladies. Leave your cash on the dumpster.


  1. It is only going to be a matter of time before self-abortions are allowed. You know, "just give it your best shot. You can come on down to the hospital if you run into any issues. You should be fine."

    1. "Self abortions" do exist. Women can go to a kiosk with a computer and request the abortion pills which are dispensed there; they go home and induce their own abortions. And they've been led to believe that it's easy and pain free and without complications. Imagine their horror when they discover otherwise; yet the kiosk isn't there to help them. Pretty much back - alley in my opinion.

  2. Getting doctors out of the abortion business has been part of the abortion movement since the very beginning -- a feminist, "women helping women" thing (then, most doctors were men). Self abortions are already happening. Last year at least one Planned Parenthood clinic was dispensing RU 486 from machines after women talked to a doctor via video-conferencing. The whole RU-486 abortion takes place at home, women just go back to the doctor afterward for a checkup, if htey bother to go.

  3. "Leave your cash on the dumpster."

    As if! Don't you know they want the Government or their insurance to pay for it?

  4. This bill is bad for women because it expands the pool of abortion providers and abortion is bad for women. But we pro-lifers lose credibility when we engage in wild hyperbole and are loose with the facts. This bill does not send women back to back alley abortions. It expands the scope of practice of licensed medical practitioners like nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and midwives who have completed a special training program at UCSF. As a physician, I have worked with NP's, PA's, and midwives that are every bit as skilled and competent as a physician within their scope of practice. These professionals already perform complex and invasive medical procedures. It is very sad that some of these medical professionals wish to add abortion to their list of competencies. However, it is misleading and insulting to all NP's, PA's, and midwives to suggest that this bill returns us to the days of back alleys and coat hangers.


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