Priest Challenges Homosexuals and Critics

I think this priest gets it just about right.

*subhead*Fr. Pontifex.*subhead*


  1. That's because he's a rapper by night. He performs in full cassock.
    That's him on the second verse.

  2. Fair enough :) You can see an interview I did with him about that here:

  3. So glad to see this and very happy to see that Courage has updated its website style in the last few years. Videos like this one and the website design will help young people take in the message of this wonderful group.

  4. Say all you want about him and rapping, I for one and encouraged (pun intended) anytime I see a priest wearing the proper attire, the cassock.

  5. I shared this because I have gay friends that could really take the time to hear his words and actually be positively influenced by the truth he's speaking. Two minutes of an eloquent way of accurately portraying what the Church teaches about homosexuality. Thank you for this video!

  6. Sorry to crash your party but as a homosexual who accidentally stumbled on this, and seeing this video let me share what I think when these things are said to me. You all find it so beautiful but it doesn't all smell that way to me.

    1:03 "a culture that glorifies sex, and puts pleasure before all else." We as a species are extremely altruistic and when it counts people put each other first.

    1:07 "is God the source of your identity? Or is it your sexual self?" Does it have to be either OR?

    1:19-27 Is he suggesting I be celibate here? Because that is what it feels like.

    1:32-34 "there needs to be clarification when using the word gay" Why do I need to clarify my personal life you have no entitlement to know what goes on in my bedroom unless I want to tell you.

    1:35-38 "does it mean one has attractions? Or chooses to act them out?" Again it feels like your saying I should be celibate, and your proding your nose into MY bedroom AGAIN.

    1:39-42 "truth says there is a difference between the two that must be brought about" No truth doesn't say that why do priests obsess so much over what happens in behind closed doors.

    1:43-47 Probably least objectionable portion of video. Would be touching I guess if I was Christian, but thanks for the effort.

    1:47-52 "there is a difference between un-chosen sexual attraction, and chosen sexual identity." That is correct at least we agree on something.

    1:53-2:01 Religious marriage that is the intent yes. Marriage we want is a legal institution. Choose your position no marriage for anyone under state and or federal laws or marriage for everyone we clearly have separation of church and state in America. So if marriage is religious it has no place in the law and vice versa. I don't care about your religious beliefs I want the right to see my beloved when they're ill a right not granted to unmarried persons in many states. Stand between me and anyone I love and heaven and hell cannot help you. This is just one of many rights I'm not granted.

    2:02-30 thanks for the sentiment though like I said I don't care about the religious institution just the legal one. I'm not gonna try changing the church so stop fretting about that. Also should stop trying to patronize us and start chastising peers instead I hear this all the time but I see little change among the church. As far as I'm concerned it's just more lip service.


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