12 Tips for Catholic Families at Mass

I've been attending Mass with children for 13 years now. I'm not saying I'm an expert. In fact, I've learned most of these lessons the most embarrassing way possible. So I share them with you.

12) Sing at Mass. It'll inspire your kids to sing. And there's few things in this world better for people to hear in Church than the sound of children singing.

11) When entering the pew, separate the problem children. You know which ones they are.

10) Sit near families with badly behaved children. The spectacle of the children will keep your children quiet because they'll be in shock and wondering why they can't get away with that. And your children will look great in comparison.

9) Don't believe the old people who tell you after Mass that your kids are soooo well behaved. Old people often grade children on a curve. I'm not saying anything against it. We all deserve a little curve, especially children. But on the other hand, don't listen to the people who get annoyed at your children at Mass either and make it seem like your family is a bother to everyone else. You belong there. And so do your children. When people start thinking that other people are a distraction from their faith, that's the real problem.

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  1. There are few things as adorable as the "big girl" (not quite three) trying to sing "Alleluia!"

  2. yes about singing- this goes especially for teenagers. We were 'forced' to sing from the beginning and it became habit

  3. #11 is especially true. Kids don't usually bother me, but I sometimes wonder how parents could not know to spread the authority structure where needed most. That means sometimes you loose your privilege of sitting next to your brother if you mess around. But, please, take your kids to Mass! Thank you.

  4. I love it when babies sing. I don't mean crying, I mean when ten or 12 or 14 month old tiny ones try to sing along. Sometimes they will go on singing a bit after everyone else stops. It just catches my heart.

    I have to say though, that when I had to take 7 or 8 kids to church alone, there was no spreading the authority structure wide enough.

    Susan Peterson

  5. I know it's implied, but the most important tip is 'TAKE THEM'. Attend everyday, if possible.

    These churches that excuse all the children for 'liturgy daycare' or whatever they call it, makes me puke. What could be 'better' for the children than the Holy Mass??

  6. Recently during Mass, there was a three year old who I couldn't hear if she had been singing, but one second after the hymn was finished, everyone could hear her shout through the silence, "Yay!" There was laughter and I was touched.


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