CNN Beclowns Itself Over Romney "Gaffe"

The completely made up outrage of the day that's intended to inspire actual outrage from actual women is sad. I mean like cat lady sad.

Feminists and media types like Anderson Cooper (is that redundant?) are screeching that Mitt Romney's a monster because he said he looked at "whole binders full of women." And he said he allowed his chief of staff in Massachusetts, a mom, to leave early because she wanted to get home to cook dinner for the kids.

Oh my! Somebody stop Mitt Romney. He's a madman. He attempted to hire women to his staff and allowed them to have a flexible work arrangement so they could be with their family!!! Somebody stop him before it's too late!!

I always have to chuckle when the same left that stood against restricting sex-selective abortions feigns outrage about protecting women.

But you have to look at the way CNN reports this. Anderson Cooper had this "gaffe" story on at the top of his news show. And this CNN story is just hilarious because it completely contradicts itself. First read the lede and then I'll show you the last line of the piece.

CNN reports in this way as it this were a major gaffe:
Before Tuesday night's debate, polls showed Mitt Romney had gained ground with women voters.

But his comments about using "whole binders full of women" as a hiring aid while governor, whiffing on an equal pay law question, and alluding to helping women get home to cook dinner has landed the GOP presidential hopeful in verbal quicksand with some female voters.

He'll have to do some serious repair to regain traction, political experts say.
Ok. Now here's the last line from the VERY SAME PIECE:
Undecided women voters who were watching the debate and participating in a focus group in Ohio reacted positively to Romney's anecdote during dial-testing for CNN. The responses from the women jumped sharply on-screen when Romney spoke about workplace flexibility.
So women liked the remark and yet somehow we're supposed to believe that this is a major gaffe. They're just getting desperate. Very desperate folks.

*subhead*Pretend gaffe.*subhead*


  1. I'm a women and can't figure out where the outrage over the phase "binders of women" is coming from. Is it quaint to have papers in binders in a digital age". Maybe I am too old to get the objection but I really do not understand.

  2. Can I just say as a professional who uses computers all day long that I still have binders full of lots of information about lots of people. Admittedly it sounds kind of funny, but any reasonable person must admit that what Romney was talking about was a binder that was filled with lots of possible candidates who were women looking for jobs. It's funny that it turns out that half of Romney's cabinet staff when he was a governor was women and that Obama 1) doesn't have near that percentage of women on his cabinet and 2) Obama pays the women he did hire 18% less than the men with comparable positions. The facts make Obama look like a hypocrite on this one.

  3. @Anonymous: they are trying to claim that "binders full of women" is some kind of subconscious urge to restrain women.

    Yep. They're officially paranoid schizophrenics.


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