From Savior of Children's Television to Savior of Planned Parenthood?

Poor Obama doesn't know what to do about Mitt Romney. He tried to scare voters by saying Mitt Romney would cut off funding to child favorite Big Bird. That didn't work. So now the Obama campaign is going after Romney for vowing to cut funding to Planned Parenthood.

So Obama goes from savior of children's television to savior of killing children? That makes sense.

I'm thinking that Obama doesn't like what he sees in polling from women. This entire election season for the Democrats has been abortion abortion abortion from their convention to this ad.



  1. Did you see the 'Republican women for Obama 'ad next to it? It says 'if you are a Republican woman and believe in small government, you should vote for Obama because he'll leave choices between you and your doctor. ' It should say stupid Republican woman, because if you believe he promises small government in any way, well then I have a large island in Nebraska to sell you!

  2. This Ad will only convince to stupid vote, which he already has.


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