MSM: Romney Loses Debate Because...

Just getting it out there now....

According to the MSM, Romney lost the first debate tonight because....

...he was too aggressive.
...alpha Male Obama dominated him.

...Romney was too wonkish.
...Romney was not specific enough.

...Romney was too relaxed, seemed arrogant.
...Obama was much more Presidential.
...Obama was very relaxed, seemed Presidential.
...Romney was too arrogant.

...Romney repeatedly interrupted the President.
...Obama bravely spoke over Romney's falsehoods.

...Romney seemed stiff, rehearsed.
...Obama was on point, stuck to his talking points.

...Obama is the worst debater since Al Gore, exceeded expectations.
...Romney the best debater since Al Gore, failed to live up to expectations.

...CNN focus group of teacher's union employees pressed the Blue button for Obama more often, pressed Red button for Romney less often.
...MSNBC Focus group pressed Blue button for the President 100% of the time. (There was no Red button.)

...George Stephanopolis (former Dem operative) gives the win to Obama.
...Chris Matthew's (former Dem operative) gives the win to Obama.
...Paul Begala (Former Dem operative) gives the win to Obama.
...Peggy Noonan (current Dem operative) gives the win to Obama.

And when Romney wins by 4 points in November, these very same people will all go on TV and blame Obama's weak debate performance.


  1. Genius! I love it. Unfortunately, you're 100% correct in how the MSM will spin this.

  2. 'Cause it's Bush's fault. Tick, tick, tick, how many more months till this mantra becomes a memory?

  3. If Obama wins there will be no freedom to say anything.


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