Teacher Orders Student to Remove Romney Shirt, Likens it to KKK

Reason to home school #379,389.

Public school outrage. A public school teacher in my backyard of Philadelphia likened a kid's Romney t-shirt to KKK garb and she had a classroom assistant draw on the shirt with a marker.

The teacher told her that the school was a "Democrat school." Wow.

Philly.com reports:
A uniform-free “dress-down” day at Charles Carroll High School in Port Richmond turned into a public dressing down for a student who chose to wear a pink T-shirt supporting Mitt Romney for president.

Samantha Pawlucy, a sophomore at Carroll High, said her geometry teacher publicly humiliated her by asking why she was wearing a Romney/Ryan T-shirt and going into the hallway to urge other teachers and students to mock her.

“I was really embarassed and shocked. I didn’t think she’d go in the hallway and scream to everyone,” Pawlucy said. “It wasn’t scary, but it felt weird.”

Pawlucy said she decided to wear the shirt after researching the candidate and President Obama and concluding that she’s a Romney supporter. Her father, Richard Pawlucy, said she was especially interested in Romney’s opposition to partial-birth abortion.

He said he recently registered to vote as an independent but was not involved in the Romney campaign.

The teacher then allegedly called a non-teaching assistant into the room who tried to write on the t-shirt with a marker. She allegedly told to remove her shirt and she would be given another one.

During the incident, Samantha Pawlucy said the teacher told her that Carroll High is a “Democratic school” and wearing a Republican shirt is akin to the teacher, who is black, wearing a KKK shirt.


  1. I love how liberals claim to speak for everyone, especially when they are way out in left field. I wonder how inclined this girl will be to vote Democratic later in life after the loving example shown by her teacher.

  2. But he was only joking, so it's OK!

  3. Nothing like free speech in our public schools, huh?

  4. Pssst. The KKK was founded by Democrats and systematically targeted Republicans.

  5. Mike in CT, I wish. She'll probably be granted tenure if she doesn't already have it. Those schools are a hot mess. I wonder if it's one of the ones that are closing.

  6. Let's all vote, not only in the presidential election but in the local ones, especially school board elections. Doing so is desperately important for the children.

  7. It's hard to get info on the people up for election to the school board. So, who would we vote for, Mack Hall, HSG?

    One year, I emailed Mike Rosen of KOA Radio, Denver, CO to ask him his conservative opinion. He told me the best thing I could do was leave those spots blank as most people running for the school board were very liberal. That's what I've done ever since. The only exception to that was, the year that I happened to know someone from our parish who was running.

  8. Wow, talk about irony...someone ought to educate the so-called educator that that public school is named after THE Charles Carroll, the only CATHOLIC signer of the Declaration of Independence! I guess our unalienable rights don't extend to fashion...

  9. No matter, the child is an un-emancipated minor, a captive audience, being treated as a prisoner of war, not even her war. Does the word or concept of respect for the person ever enter into the issue? Abuse. Is there another word for it? Criminal assault and battery. Verbal assault. Nobody touches another person except to save their life. Well, What about the student's self-esteem? Seems people don't matter when they are in public school. What a scandal.


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