Ted Turner: Military Suicides are "Good."

Shaking head sadly.


  1. Ted Turner gave a billion dollars to the U. N. with it's Declaration on Human Rights, human rights that are coming from the state. Just like Obama telling us that unalienable rights come from the state. One nation under the World Bank. American sovereignty?

  2. Ted Turner's own father commited suicide. How can he be so heartless?!

  3. Every sane thinking person should boycott CNN

  4. @Mary De Voe: the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was very largely the brainchild of Jacques Maritain, the foremost Thomist of the 20th century, and was specifically a reaction against totalitarianism. It most certainly does not say that rights come from the state—it says they inhere in people by nature.

    The UN may have made the Declaration of Human Rights as much a piece of risible hypocrisy—and a body whose governing body included the Soviet Union probably has no right to talk about human rights—but then again the Declaration of Independence was the work of a nation whose agriculture rested on slavery, that would later adopt Roe v. Wade.


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