Why Biden Cannot Be Defeated In The Debate

Conventional wisdom is made for one purpose and one purpose only. To be wrong.

The conventional wisdom last week was that Obama would wipe the floor with Romney and we all know how that turned out.

This week's conventional wisdom is that Rep. Paul Ryan, a very smart, wonky, and articulate speaker will wipe the floor with human gaffe machine Vice President Joe Biden.

This is, of course, completely wrong. Why? Because it is almost impossible to beat someone who believes his own lies, I mean really believes them.

We certainly expect that in this debate between two baptized Catholics, a number of important issues about Catholic teaching and the attacks on the Church will be front and center.

In this debate you can expect ...

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  1. VP Biden is much like the dotty uncle who at family reunions must be watched carefully, especially around the nieces. This is a cruel thing to say, but VP Biden convicts himself both by his words and in his actions.

  2. If Biden were a Republican, the media would have long since crucified him and made him irrelevant, as they tried to do with Sarah Palin -- and I say this as a member of the media, technically speaking (albeit a free-lance sportwriter who has written some political and religious op-eds).

  3. And you can expect Joe Biden to say the exact opposite while boldly claiming that his Catholic faith is front and center in his decision making.

    Martin Luther and John Calvin were far more Catholic than Biden ever will be.


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