Bush & Sandy

It is reported today that unemployment claims are up this week to 439,000. They say the dramatic increase in claims is due to Hurricane Sandy. That may well be true.

It also may well be the case that all that follows for the next four years is due to Hurricane Sandy since it helped Obama win. Or George Bush since he is responsible for everything else.

Unemployment of 10% in 2014? Bush or Sandy, take your pick.

War in the Middle East? Sandy. Bush. You pick.

Another Recession (As if this one ended) Bush & Sandy.

Pretty much everything that happens for the next four years is either the fault of Bush or Sandy.



  1. Biden said Obama had a big stick, but he must have tiny balls because he can't man up.

    1. I bet you'd love to touch his big stick, Maureen.

  2. Anonymous comments.....the true sign of a spineless coward.

  3. Funny that the "header" references Alice and the Looking Glass. That's been my favorite thing to mutter for the past 3+ years: "I feel like I've fallen through the looking glass into an unrecognizable world."

  4. Is no one moderating these comments? Maureen and Anonymous should both be deleted. This is a Catholic blog, vulgarity is unwelcome here, and frankly, it's not acceptable anywhere else, either.


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