CNN Hits Romney on the Mormon Issue

CNN is hitting up Romney on his religion. They've gathered together a room of gay Mormons who are bemoaning that they're excommunicated or in the closet.

This is low. Even for CNN.

They're bringing up that counseling is sometimes reccommended for homosexuals.

Now they're attempting to bring in what this says about how Romney will treat gays if he's president. At the end of that story, they're teasing a story on why Mitt Romney lost his momentum.

These people are shameless.

No word on anything Benghazi related.



  1. I'm not sure being "in the closet" and on CNN is compatible.

    Oh wait, considering CNN ratings, I guess that is possible.

  2. .....and Mitt Romney lost his momentum in their dreams. Everything I've seen indicates that he's continued to gain momentum.

  3. And this from a group no greater than 3 % of the electorate!
    Incredible! Thanks for pointing it out. I'm still praying.

  4. Middle of BREITBART's main page: "Mormon Volunteers Outperform Government in Sandy Aid"

  5. You will know them by what they do. Practicing gays lie about their fake husbands and fake wives and are forcing the legalization of their perjury. Two years in Federal prison for committing perjury in a court of law.


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