Guttmacher: Forced Abortion and Abortion Restrictions the Same

I am indebted to C-Fam for reading things that the Guttmacher crazies write because it saves me from having to read what Planned Parenthood thinks about abortion. Because I already know they heart abortion like little girls love unicorns. They just have to manufacture and manipulate the science to meet their ideological needs.

Guttmacher, an arm of the abortion giant, regularly collects data and warps it or just says some crazy stuff. The latest and craziest is that forced abortions are exactly like any restrictions on abortion.

Well, let me tell you something. It might be the same to you but not to the kid who's burned alive in the womb or has forceps tearing its arms off. It's a bit different to them. Just a bit.

This is actually a big step for them because pro-abortion rights orgs haven't really said much about forced abortion. You can't really blame them. To them, it's like those people who say they don't want a surprise party on their birthday but secretly they really really want one.

I'd bet the only reason the American abortion industry doesn't do forced abortions is because they wouldn't know who would pay them. That'd be the only holdup.

C-Fam has the story:

In June of this past year, photos of a Chinese woman and her dead child flooded the Internet, accompanied by the account of how Feng Jianmei was abducted from her home and forced to undergo a late-term abortion by local family-planning officials. Mrs. Feng’s story spread across international news headlines and provoked outrage by national governments. The European Parliament issued a terse statement calling the incident “unacceptable.”

A recent article makes the case that any law which restricts abortion--such as waiting periods or parental consent--is the equivalent of China's brutal forced abortion policy that victimized Mrs. Feng. The article from the Guttmacher Institute, the research arm of the abortion group Planned Parenthood, says this because both represent “coercion in reproductive decision making.” According to their analysis, “forcing a woman to terminate a pregnancy she wants or to continue a pregnancy that she does not want both violate the same human rights.”

You can read more at C-Fam.
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  1. The rhetorical gambit makes perfect sense. They know forced abortions are terrible because to most Americans anything forced is bad. Plus, a forced abortion can much more easily be portrayed as a crime against the mother: even pro-lifers would agree. So, what they have done is draw greater attention to the rights of the mother, naturally including the right to "choose." Then they draw the moral equivalent: "well, if you don't think a woman should be FORCED to end her pregnancy, how can you possibly argue that she should be FORCED to continue her pregnancy?"

    Then, the compliant media and lefty pro-aborts will pick up on this and concoct a bunch of when-did-you-stop-beating-your-wife questions for prolife politicians. Like: "So, are you in favor of legislation that would determine a woman's pregnancy, like forced abortions?"

    I'm just surprised it took them this long to get around to this particular rhetorical strategy.

  2. Pronounced: gut-masher

  3. Haven't feminists asserted for YEARS that we live in a rape culture and that all heterosexual intercourse, including marital intercourse, is a forced invasion of the women based on unequal power relationships with men? Basically, even if you consent, you really don't?

    If so, why isn't all abortion a forced violation of a women based on unequal power relationships with men, society, doctors, etc.? Why are women, based on historic social discrimination and economic disempowerment, virtually incapable of meaningfully consenting to intercourse yet fully capable and empowered to consent to abortion without the least thought that coercion might come into play in the latter case?

  4. A human being cannot consent to crime without becoming an outlaw. It is not possible to consent to crime and remain a citizen. Crime cannot be legalized.

  5. The baby is another person. Being forced to kill another person and being forced to bring life to another person are at odds.


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