Hey, Let's Remember NCR's 2012 Electoral Prediction

At the end of 2011, there were people making all sorts of predictions about who would win the presidency, who would be relevant and who wouldn't.

Some thought Santorum might take it. Some right wingers were hoping for folks like Herman Cain. But if any prediction of Cain being relevant in 2012 seems a bit laughable, let's take a moment to remember which candidate the National Catholic Reporter touted in its editorial in December 2011.

Here's what they wrote:
The name Buddy Roemer might not exactly roll off your tongue -- yet. But he will have a place in the 2012 presidential election story. He’s running on a platform with a timely message, like it or not.
Hmmm. There were probably lots of bad predictions in late 2011. But you've got to admit, NCR takes the cake.

So relevant was Buddy Roemer, that NCR never even mentioned him again in all of 2012 despite predicting he would "have a place" in the election.

Well, I guess he had a place. And that place consisted of one mention in a liberal "Catholic" publication. Congrats to Buddy Roemer and NCR!!!



  1. I don't understand your snark here. Naming people that aren't on a ticket will take a lot of work.

  2. Looking back, getting their endorsement was not the best strategic move of my campaign.

    I'm Buddy Roemer and I approve this message.

  3. @anonymous: Please tell me your stealth-marketing a literacy campaign. Because plainly, you did not read the article—not for comprehension, anyway.

  4. Yeah, this blog doesn't get any points for predictions either. Wasn't Europe supposed to be in flames, the euro dissolved and massive shortages of guns in the US by now? According to you, yes.

    People who live in glass houses...


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