The Only College Club that Needs a Safety Word

Mama, don't let your babies grow up to go to Harvard. The ivy league school is set to approve a Bondage, Dominance and Sadomasochism student club. Unsure if it's bring your own whips or not or whether they're provided.

College Insurrection reports:
It started last October with a meal in Currier dining hall with a handful of friends who shared something in common: an affinity for kinky sex.

More than a year after the group first began informally meeting over meals to discuss issues and topics relating to kinky sex, Harvard College Munch has grown from seven to about 20 members and is one of 15 student organization that will be approved by the Committee on Student Life this Friday.
Hilariously, the leader of the group that's receiving official recognition from the university wanted to remain anonymous in an article about it that appeared in the Harvard Crimson.

OK. Creepiest part of the article for me is when "Michael" drops this quote on us:
“It’s a little hyperbolic for me to get teary-eyed and paternal about sophomores, but it’s really a joy to see the experience they will have now,” Michael said.
I get a little weirded out when sadomasochists get teary eyed about seeing others experience "joy."

What is Harvard thinking? Haven't Harvard men been emasculated enough already?

Wait, is this what they meant by the "safe sex" they're always talking about? I for one will never be able to think of the Winklevoss twins the same way.

But in the end I figure Harvard grads have been torturing us for a long time. Maybe it's about time they started torturing each other.

I'm wondering if you can you get a scholarship for this? Do you get assigned a safety word on your student i.d.?

This may completely change the tenor of application essays.

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  1. The authorities at the College have lost any sence of moral reason if they allow such an organisation to exist under its aegis. Have they no moral or legal limits on what kind if activities they allow to be carried out in their name? Seems to me, if this kind of behaviour is now legal, it needs to be made illegal again. The victims are not only those directly involved but all of society, including many vulnerable innocents who will suffer because of the dangerous perverts this will train, develop and sustain. This is an attack on society, an attack on pubic morals. The positive law ought to protect society against this, as once it did.

  2. This insanity reminds me of Walker Percy's "The Thanatos Syndrome."

  3. To all parents who are knocking themselves out to get their kid into Harvard I have to ask, "Why?" You are spending good money and probably using my tax money to turn your kid into a freak.

  4. Lynda, they already allow Democrats at Harvard, so there's no way they can forbid this! LOL!

  5. I give it a month before this club comes under scrutiny for being prejudiced against obese and ugly people.

  6. I give it a month before this club comes under scrutiny for being prejudiced against obese and ugly people.

  7. Torture is the word and meaning of this. Torture Clubs have been around forever. Torture Clubs pressure and intimidate using subtle guilt trips, feasting on the needs and frailties of its members. There is always one dominant individual. There is nothing about freedom or respect or joy, only revenge. I torture you, you torture me so we are even. Harvard has lost it mind.

  8. Some Christians need to stop their condescending viewpoint that the private conduct of a few small minority fringe interest groups will somehow threaten their own religious civilization's survival. Few students will ever join some fringe interest club like this. It's only the popular novel, FIFTY SHADES OF GREY that has inspired these isolated and small college groups which will no doubt soon fade from the scene once this novel grows older.

  9. BTW, Lynda has no comprehension at all what this Ivy League BDSM club involves at all. It's just a small organization of a fringe into role-playing fantasy in their sex lives either because this type of activity appeals to them or else satisfies boredom in their sex lives. For these sorts of people, just looking for a new sexual experience is a high for them, and fulfills their own sense of happiness and wellbeing. If some married student wants to join this club and then carry a few harmless notions into their own marriage bedroom, then it is of no interest of state law or government to interfere in their own marriage bed.

  10. Mr Hooson does not understand how perversion works in a mind. The person who gets involved in this kind of stuff becomes an addict. An addict is never satisfied with doing the same thing over and over. He get bored and has to have a new level of thrills,excitement and pleasure. S&M addicts, based on what I have read over the years, becomes more perverse and twisted in their activities over time. And his ridiculous claim about "harmless notions" in the marriage bed is insane. How is beating someone with a whip "harmless"? Also is the other spouse really willing to do this, or is he/she being intimidated into going along with this idiocy? And what about the internet? The net has made this kind of weirdness available to millions of people who normally never would have had any way of encountering this bizarre underworld. So I doubt Mr. Hooson that this is "a few small minority fringe interest groups". The whackos at Harvard may be few, but the internet can connect them with fellow idiots around the world. And remember, the internet is the number one reason why porn has become a growth industry in America. So, unless something happens to halt the growth of porn on the net, groups like this will grow in numbers.

  11. ya'll sad cuz u dont get da ass o da pussy o da D


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