The Ultimate Sniper Rifle - No Skill Required

Somebody has gone and invented a sniper rifle that can laser tag and track a target that can give a total amateur first shot accuracy from a mile away.

On the one hand this is very very cool.

On the other hand, having this capability without any of the time and discipline necessary to earn it seems a little scary.

ht The Blaze

*subhead*SCARY WOW.*subhead*


  1. Well, I know what I want for Christmas

  2. I think that it is just a viral video, nothing more.

  3. No skill required? The systems in FPS video games have done this—turning red over an enemy—for years. Sometimes they even add a special dot when you're over the enemy's head. I dare you to tell me there's no skill required to snipe in Halo: Elites (or other players, in multi) are notably more mobile than grapefruits. I know whereof I speak, having every single headshot-related achievement in Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST.

    Having your reticule turn red over a target means next to nothing in terms of the skill involved. And the guns in video games don't weigh anything, their bullets travel in straight lines rather than arcs, and wind is not a factor.

    The only reason you think this eliminates skill from the equation is you didn't know how much skill goes into being a sniper.


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