Westboro Baptist to Picket Sandy Hook Funerals. Don't Give Them What They Want

Westboro Baptist Church, those nuts who protest at funerals, have just announced that they're going to picket the funerals of the victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting.

Hey media, stop giving these jerks what they want. Show some restraint. Stop reporting on them. That's what they want.

Every year hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers march on DC and the media ignores us completely. They say that it's because we do the same thing every year it ceases to be newsworthy. But Westover Baptist does the same thing all the time and the media can't get enough. Just because a bunch of lunatics have a fax machine doesn't mean you have to report on it. You're giving them what they want and they're going to continue doing it because the media rewards them.

Hundreds of thousands of people marching on DC is ignorable but fifteen people who show up at every well-publicized funeral isn't?

And here's the thing. Someone is going to get hurt. People are going to read this and be outraged and I fear that something terrible may happen. Local law enforcement can keep these people a good distance away from funerals, I believe. So let's ignore them. Please.


  1. "Show some restraint." Not happening. The media has lost that capacity long ago.

  2. The Pro-life March cannot be used to attack Christian values, the Westboro protests can. Maybe that is why they cover one and not the other.

  3. We should stop even calling the West World a "Baptist" "church". They obviously are neither. All actual denominations and churches have condemned their behavior, and I find it implausible that they are even serious. The MSM make them look like a nationwide group of millions when they are, in reality, a single extended family that travel from city to city together. I have heard that they make a big part of their living suing the people who beat them up for their calculated offensiveness. As a result of the MSM's portrayal of West World as an example of "religious fundamentalism" (which they have zero in common with and zero to do with) and of "the dilemmas of free speech" (as if just keeping one's hands off rude people who want attention were so tricky), people who want to outlaw religious speech have something to work with. You're right. Let's ignore them.

  4. They picketed my friend's (KIA in Iraq) funeral. One of the military spouses came out with hymn books, passed them out to the Patriot Guard, and they drowned them out.

    These people deserve absolutely no attention. They make me ill.


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