Worst FreeThrow Ever!

Dude! Time to find a new sport.

*subhead*Time to find a new sport.*subhead*


  1. I'm amazed too, but I'm also upset by the times I've seen this video posted. My son goes to Appalachian and he was cut from another team in his freshman year due to injury. One year later, the coach that cut him killed himself. The aftermath of those events still impacts our son and every part of his life. I can't imagine what this kid and his family are going through now that this sad moment has become the subject of such public ridicule. This is a kid in a small school. I'm sure he was a good high school player to even be there, but likely never destined for the NBA. This is NOT a paid professional and if he's playing on non athletic money this may cost him his education.

  2. Good debate topic...what is public ridicule and what is just having fun. I looked at that video and just chuckled...as I'm sure the coach and all the players did after the game. Gotta laugh. No?

  3. 8,187,815 views and over 10,000 shares.
    yep - quite a chuckle, I'm sure.


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