FDA Cool with Abortion Vending Machine

The FDA after an investigation, has announced that it will not take any regulatory action on a death dispensing vending machine at a Pennsylvania college.

An FDA spokeswoman Erica Jefferson said recently that they spoke with officials at Shippensburg University vending program and decided everything was cool with ordering abortions right along with nasal decongestants.

The pill is reportedly available for $25 a pop at an on-campus health center.

Hey, when you don't have time, abortion on the go for $25 is key to a successful college experience. Why would any parent send their child to a college that is so cavalier about death?



  1. Does Sandra Fluke know about this? I mean, why should college students be forced to spend their own $25 on an abortion pill just because their tax-payer funded contraception didn't work? Doesn't seem fair to me.

  2. I find it amazing that we live in a world where everything is regulated to ridiculous degrees and yet anything involving abortion or birth control seem to get a pass. For example, a school's nurse can't dispense Tylenol without written consent and yet they can send your daughter off to a Planned Parenthood clinic for an abortion and don't have to tell the parents anything.

    I know a few pharmacists and doctors and they all say that birth control and abortion drugs aren't vitamins and shouldn't be taken lightly or without talking to a doctor about the side effects. And now they are literally handed out like candy in vending machines.

    It's sad that many of the women who take these pills will completely destroy their reproductive system and won't be able to have kids in the future. What's sadder is that the government covers up any ties between birth control, abortion and related medical problems.

  3. Dear Lord, what kind of medication are they talking about?? Large doses of the BCP (without any kind of screening to make sure the girl has no contraindications?) Or perhaps something lovely that carries with it a chance of hemorrhaging? Time to remake that Mad World music video...


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