Heading to March for Life Today

If you're heading to the March for Life today I'll be there with my five kids. So if you see a short chubby bearded guy in shorts and five kids say hi.

Let's rock D.C. yo.


  1. I wonder too - what's with the shorts? Yesterday it was about 31 for a high and the campus was full of guys in shorts.

  2. You do realize it was 18 degrees Fahrenheit in DC this morning when I sent our kids to their bus, right? I admire your fortitude. Enjoy the march - I'll be praying for all of you during our parish adoration. :)

  3. I work at a college.Do you know how you tell if the temp is over 40? Everyone is in flip flops...

    My daughter, however is at the March for Life. If you see her in shorts you have my permission to give her a scolding. She's the tall beautiful basketball player with wavy blond hair. Her birth mother chose life for her and asked us to be her mom and dad. We're so grateful.


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