Time Mag on "The Weakening Pro-Choice Movement"

Pro-aborts are getting worried folks. Check this out from Time Magazine. The liberal rag frets that old wimmins aren't clearing out for young fresh blood. What Time doesn't say is that there aren't that many young people who want to rant and rave about abortion access as the country's becoming aware that there might just be babies in the womb.

But it's interesting that Time has noticed that pro-lifers have turned the tide, especially on the state level. We're winning. Keep going folks.


  1. Could the problem possibly be that the old pro-choice wimmin aborted the next generation of pro-choicers? It's hard to pass your values down to a non-existent group of people.

  2. Pro-lifers are also teaching their children the truth, the real truth and nothing but the truth. My children can go up against a pro-abort any day and use facts and reason because they speak the truth. The pro-aborts spew out angry talking points and then can't think through anything when confronted with a scientific fact.

    I'm glad to be watching this tide turn and being a huge part of it. I'm praying that the number 40 is pretty significant. It always has been in the Bible! :) :)

  3. So-called "pro-choice" leaders haven't adapted because they're not-- and never have been-- pro-choice. They're pro-death. That's why they aren't-- and never have been-- for any laws or regulations that treat the issue as one of choice.

  4. Demography is destiny.

    The Old English word for destiny is doom.


  5. Couldn't have said it better, Rebecca. It's hard to pass those values down to children and have them get behind you, when what you're saying is that, at one point, you thought it was ok to get rid of them. Sad.


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