Horror Vid: College Students Play "Abortion Battles" as Birthday Game

College students at Hunter College, a public college in New York City, celebrated a birthday with ice cream cake, balloons, and a horrific birthday game they called "Abortion Wars" where students put a balloon under their shirt and try to pop the balloon with a fork while some students even yell "Kill the baby!!!" and "Kill it!!!"

The laughter surrounding the game and the cavalier nature towards life should chill the hearts of anyone with a shred of concern for the sacredness of life. (Language warning.)

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  1. We have spawned a bunch of Hitlers.

  2. I don't have the stomach to even put a visual to that description. It's chilling enough.

  3. check up tuition at this 'college' http://www.hunter.cuny.edu/onestop/repository/files/finances/Tuition%20and%20Fee%20Charge%20Table%209-12.pdf this doesn't include books, room or board...so parents- are you happy you are giving up your retirement to fund this farce?

  4. They said "kill that baby". Rationally, people know abortion is killing babies. But now the struggle is to get people to feel shame over killing a baby.

  5. They've always known it was a baby. Things have just gotten to the point where it's cool to just come out and say kill it.

  6. Euphemism is Bump.
    Sad isn't it? To consider a baby as being unpleasant.
    This video isn't shocking at all.
    This is the sum total of forty years of indifference.
    This is the pot of gold at the end of eugenics rainbow.
    This is the spawn of Woman's Rights to kill.

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  8. As a Hunter Graduate of 2010 - I am ashamed and saddened by this. NYC human caliber is minimal at best, and this shows it. I personally had a good experience at Hunter. The field of study I was in was par none. Outside that field was a shit show. Who knew it was that bad!

    1. Hey Matt, I was in some of your political science courses with you. I didn't know you were such a close minded douche turd. Although thinking back to it now - that ripe holier than thou look on your face should have given it away

  9. Boo hoo boo hoo... I'm not sure which area you take issue with more. Is it the fact that these silly kids were fooling around with potentially dangerous eating utensils or that as you can clearly see the younger generation couldn't care less about the moral issues of a bunch pro life clowns clinging to some ridiculous set of values. More than anything else I want you folks to know that once your generation of pro life idiots are dead -- no one will replace you. Better make some signs and a cool chanting slogan.

  10. How does this show a cavalier attitude towards life to any greater degree than the laughter that surrounds making a "kill" in many video games, or the cheers that can occur when someone "dies" in a movie? There's a huge chasm between laughing at entertainment where no one actually gets harmed and laughing at real events that affect real people. There are thousands of real world examples every day in which people either actively or through sheer indifference hurt and harm others, the fact that you don't blog about that is a far better example of being cavalier than kids trying to pop each others balloons

  11. Yes latez, once the generation that is opposed to abortion and contraception is dead, nobody will replace them. Because as we all know, the more open to reproduction a generation is, the more quickly it is replaced.

    You have no idea how demography works, do you?

  12. Oh my darling Sophia - who pops up on a blog with her insightful comments and lack of facts. Spouting Demography as if she even bothered to check the facts...

    What is factual is that Catholicism (of whom the majority of idiot pro-lifers subscribe to (feel free to fact check)) is dropping in numbers. Not just domestically but internationally.

    To be fair - Catholicism has mostly been structured to frighten and abuse those with a lack of education. With the rise of education and literacy its natural that archaic notions be tore down.

    In any case here's some insightful links for my darling Sophia.

    "As priest numbers fall, even Catholic Spain is not immune to a crisis of faith "

    " Crisis of Faith: The Catholic Church's Fading Influence in Poland"

    "Catholicism fading from American Scene"

    Per AP (2008), "1,267 Catholic schools that have closed since 2000. Enrollment nationwide has dropped by 382,125 students, or 14 percent, according to the National Catholic Education Association."

    But yes my darling Sophia - you know all about Demography.

  13. Tell me, Captain Reading Comprehension, do you also address someone whose handle is "Joey's Mom" as Joey? Because I'm a dude. If you were literate, you might've noticed my handle is "Sophia's Favorite", i.e. "the Favorite of Sophia". You cannot grasp a possessive adjective, and you're talking down to me? Well, you do make a good case for abortion, I give you that—it's just not in your arguments.

    The rest of your post consists of a series of laughable stereotypes—the Roman Empire, at the time of its conversion, was the most educated, urbanized, skeptical civilization in human history, and would not be surpassed until High Medieval Europe (which was not surpassed until the later stages of the Scientific Revolution—did you ever hear of Jean Buridan or Nicole Oresme?).

    Then you cite newspaper articles as if they were scholarly works. Really, responding at all is pearls before swine, except instead of pearls, it's answers your shriekings don't warrant, and instead of swine, it's...no, actually, I guess I don't mean "instead", do I?

    I will merely note you utterly elide Africa, where the Catholic population is half the population of the entire US, and growing. Oh, but, of course, those people "lack education", right?

    Not only are you a racist, the fact you immediately start addressing someone you mistake for a woman as "my darling" indicates a leeringly sexist attitude on your part, as well. Why it's a total mystery why you can't see why human life has an inalienable value!

  14. Come to think of it, your thundering mental incompetence distracted me from a more fundamental point—we weren't discussing Catholics, we were discussing pro-life people, a category far larger than merely Catholics. Are you really concerned to claim they're not having more kids than their opposition?

  15. Wow, you people need to get a life (pun intended) and a sense of humor. And while you're at it stop trying to force your religious beliefs on others; not every one is brainwashed by Christianity, its myths, and its oppressive, repressive, backward dogma -- and this nation respects that--like it or not.


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