The Most Cowardly and Revealing Moment in Pro-Life Dem History

Here's what it seems happened. When the bill limiting abortions to the first 20 weeks hit the Arkansas legislature last week, pro-life Republicans and pro-life Democrats joined together to vote for it. Nice, right? But it seems now that the only reason the pro-life Dems voted for it was because they knew that the "pro-life" Democratic Governor Mike Beebe was going to veto it.

Because what happened now was that moments after the veto was announced the pro-life Republicans sought to mount a vote to override the veto. You might remember that last week the bill got 80 votes. But yesterday when the vote hit the House floor, all but two of the "pro-life" Dems walked out so they didn't have to cast a vote. That's right. They left empty chairs in their place. These legislators are profiles in cowardice.

Their empty chairs are the perfect symbol of pro-life Democrats. When push comes to shove, the overwhelming majority of pro-life Dems are Dems first and foremost.

Two Democrats showed an enormous amount of courage by voting for the override - John Catlett and Jody Dickinson. They deserve our praise and admiration for standing up to their government and the party for the unborn.

Now, the bill moves on to the Senate where I'm certain pro-life Dems will be fleeing out the windows of the legislature to avoid a vote. Pray that some stand up for the unborn.

Update: Good news. The Senate overrode the veto with a party-line vote. All Republicans voted for it and all Dems voted against it.

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  1. I'm for attending votes, personally...but I would never impose my values on those who choose to avoid voting (even though that's what their constituents pay them to do).

  2. can't wait until a bunch of rednecks tell me what to do with my body woohoooooooooo

  3. Not too surprising. Just sad. I used to think we should vote for pro-life Dems over pro-life Republicans, just to promote the idea that pro-life was a winning stance in the Dem Party. Then I started noticing that most of them either weren't really pro-life or nearly always buckled to the pro-abortion party leadership. Pro-life Dem is almost an oxymoron.


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