BBC: Jesus Is Just Like Teh Gays

This is your annual dose of pre-Easter lunacy from the media.
The BBC has broadcast a message by the founder of a gay news website likening the punishment of Jesus on the cross to the sufferings of homosexual people, reports Christina Concern for our Nation.

Benjamin Cohen told BBC Radio 4 listeners that Jesus was punished “for something he couldn’t help” and compares the sense of “abandonment” felt by people who identify as gay.
Yeah, a bunch of people grabbing you, torturing you, and killing exactly what gay people are going through today. Well, actually it's nothing like that at all, is it?

Actually, you know what. You know what group actually that does happen to on a pretty darn regular basis throughout the world? Christians.



  1. I would agree, if reversed to say that the suffering of those with SSA is their participation in carrying His Cross. The way he said it, no.

  2. This self anointed victim silliness has really just got to go. Daly, it isn't limited to gays. But so many groups convince their followers they are victims, which seems to be used to stifle disagreement from others toward their agenda. It also us tidies irrational behaviors and hatred coming from these groups. It's gotta end. Us, there are always examples. Ay group can find many examples, but rarely are groups truly victims. Victims don't have the media pushing their agenda.

  3. Actually, being grabbed, tortured, and killed is exactly what gays go the Islamic world. The BBC is curiously silent on this fact.

  4. I don't know . . . do you remember the gay teenager who was dragged to death behind someone's truck? Or do you know any gay teens who are mercilessly bullied and beaten up at/on the way to school, and kicked out of their families' homes? (And often it's Christian families who kick them out.) I'd say most of us who aren't living with SSA really minimize the experiences of those who are. Try googling violence against gays, and you'll be surprised.

    That said, I don't think anyone's experience can be compared with Christ's, who took on the burden of the world's sin even as he was being tortured and killed. But the dismissive tone about very real violence here bothered me.

  5. I do not think anyone here is dismissive of real violence. That said, I think for most gays, most of the time, their suffering is nothing like the suffering of Jesus on the cross. To claim otherwise is hyperbole, at best.

  6. @Peter and Nancy: I mostly dismiss the "very real violence" because most of it isn't real at all. Googling violence against gays is like searching Stormfront for hate-crimes against whites, you're getting skewed results.

    Google actually deliberately directed traffic away from the Polish government's sites over Poland's opposition to gay marriage.

  7. There was a time when head-lines like this would have been considered blasphemous by most
    Catholics. Real Catholics still do not think this article is newsworthy or edifying.


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