Celebrity Popes, You're Doing It Wrong

Kristen Chenoweth has been known for her supposed 'Christianity' in Hollywood. But now she has decided that being 'Christian' is no longer enough. Kristen Chenoweth has decided she is Pope.

The actress, who recently starred in a show called Good Christian B**ches (which lasted a shorter time than Manimal due to its Piers Morgan-like ratings), has bestowed upon herself the power to decide what is 'Christian' and what is not. Of course, she uses her new found power to promote 'gay marriage' and bash, you know, actual Christians.

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  1. With Christians like that, who needs hate groups like the freedom from reason...religion foundation.

  2. Ugh, I can just hear her squeaky voice now. "No no no no!!" Sounds like she's throwing a temper tantrum. I like Kristen (no really, I do), but BLECH.


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