Habemus Papam! We Have White Smoke!

The bells are ringing. The people in St. Peter's Square are cheering. The wait is over. Now, I'm anxious again waiting to find out who our next Pope will be.

Update: Say a quick prayer for the new pope.

*subhead*Wait is over.*subhead*


  1. Internet almost immediately jammed. I'm wanting immediate gratification - every time the video buffers I go nuts for fear I'll miss the announcement.

  2. Can anybody out there tell me something I can't figure out yet. Yesterday before the new Pope came out they put out a Papal banner that I thought would have Benedict's Papal coat of arms which is what is usually done. It was always the coat of arms of the previous Pope. The one I saw yesterday was completely BARE! There was nothing in the middle. Was this because the Pope Emeritus is still alive or a rule change? Just wondering.


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