Holy Father Drama

For the record.

Here is a video of my appearance on Michael Voris' radio show with a special guest appearance from Louie Verrecchio. A good time was had by all.

Exit question: Do I really sound like that?
*subhead*Do I really sound like that?*subhead*


  1. Happy to see good coalition building among Catholic men.

  2. I am glad I could listen to it on the computer. Men have been emasculated to the point of homosexuality, once called arrested development. The Catholic Church with its Sacraments is the only way to raise real men. Patrick Archbold, you have a definite head start. Most enjoyable time. Thank you

  3. I know your voice sounds different to you 'from the inside'---I really dislike hearing my own recorded voice---but it sounds good to a listener. I just watched your video and I think you sound smart. I am delighted to see men who are proud to be Catholic and manly at the same time: a powerful combination, and one that hasn't been seen much in the past few decades. God bless!


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