I Present to You The Defenders of "Choice"

The blogosphere is abuzz about a CNN story that details a surrogate mother's decision to not abort her child despite the baby's biological parents offering her $10,000 to do so after ultrasounds showed that the baby had major issues including a heart defect and a cleft palate.

While many have strong feelings on this issue, looking at the comments left on the woman's site from "pro-choicers" is an absolute horror. These comments were placed on the woman's personal blog just today. I present to you the defenders of "choice":

How unfortunate for everyone that you decided to bring a child into the world that was not yours, either legally or ethically, and has little chance to survive to adulthood except through numerous surgeries and much pain. Selfish, that's what you are.

Please continue reading the hatred from pro-"choicers" at The National Catholic Register>>>



  1. Selfish? Not legally hers?

    Even Rome—where women and children were property before the law—didn't actually talk about them that way (we have a word for "legally property, treated like people"—Romans' wives and children were pets).

  2. Totally rational extension of the "wanted child" thing-- just another consumer good.

    As, of course, is the walking womb that the child grows in.

    ...Kinda drives home how all this nice sounding stuff is really not nice at all, no?

  3. So, someone should be killed because they're going to need surgery?! I don't know how you could set the bar much lower than that...

  4. Everything about this story is awful. At one point, the genetic parents offered her 10k to have an abortion, she countered with 15k, but they wouldn't come up with that much.
    Those who have anything to say against the Church's policy on surrogacy and IVF need only read about this insane situation to understand the wisdom of a ban on these practices.

  5. These pro-choicers are actually pro-eugenicists, which is even more insidious.

  6. "How... Selfish, that's what you are."

    Being selfish is better than being judgmental.


    It's her body. She can decide what she wants to do with it, including, duh, not abort.

    Even by their own standards these people are irrational.


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