Pope Kisses Rad-Trad

Before today's inaugural mass, Pope Francis toured the crowd and greeted them.

Unfortunately, he ran into a to what must have been a rad-trad in the crowd. I can think of no other possible explanantion for such disagreeable behavior.



  1. I was blessed by his rapt acknowledgement of Christ in everyone. I admit, I had a moment of...concern...about certain possible connotations of certain statements of his during the last week. But watching him celebrate Mass and extend Christ's love to each person, I am very grateful for our beautiful new Pope. And all that delicious Latin...swoon. And Greek! :-)

  2. As another rad trad-thanks for the reminder that you have to laugh at yourself, btw what a sweet little one.

  3. A fantastic photo-op for his parents... ruined! Such a bummer. ;)

    We need a meme for this; looks like the Pope is saying something to him. How about...

    'SSPX? Well, not quite yet'.

  4. poor baby- he was exhausted!

    when my baby sister got baptized (Episcopalian) she cried so bad- but my mother was comforted that Prince William had recently cried during his baptism...if it is good enough for a prince....

  5. LOL!! Love this little blub about the photo - too funny!!


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