Sisters of Mary Rock the American Bible Challenge Tomorrow Night

Jeff Foxworthy is the host of the American Bible Challenge. In tomorrow night's season opener on the Game Show Network, the Sisters of Mary compete. Check out this exciting and fun preview.



  1. Awesome! Go Sisters!

  2. Do people really know what hidden treasures the devout religious truly are. Biochemists, medical doctors, engineers,...highly trained and disciplined individuals who gave up the secular life to become consecrated religious. They pray for the world and we in turn pray for them. Looks like alot of unadulterated fun they are having!!! That's entertainment! True talent!!! If I whacked the flatware like that, someone would be removing a fork out of my eye. Thank heaven these Nuns know what they are doing!

  3. They won!! And they were charmingly honest about a mishap with the fork thing. I was fist-pumping and cheering by myself at home, watching!


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