The Greatest Reaction To White Smoke...Ever.

The reaction of the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist to the white smoke is pure unbridled joy. It's your must watch video of the day.

In the middle of recording their debut album for DeMontfort Music, the sisters heard the news that resounded in heaven and earth.



  1. A Beautiful Reaction to the Holy Spirit :) Keep up that Spirit dear Sisters :)

  2. I was expecting them to break into the Hallelujah chorus. But this was equally beautiful. Their joy was palpable.

  3. What beautiful joy!

  4. This makes me want to cry... love it

  5. I re experienced my joy when I first heard. But their enthusiasm almost made me shed a tear. Wonderful.

  6. This is what the newer look of the Church is all about. Young and older united in excitement for our new Shepherd!

  7. Bishop Ken Steiner (Retired)March 20, 2013 at 4:44 PM

    Great response to the new man in white (Pope Francis) from the sisters in white. I had the great opportunity to watch the announcement in the Dining Room of a golf course in Portland with 3 of your sisters - I should have worn my white (sweater) but had to settle for a purple sweater (it was Lent and I'm a Bishop)- but we cheered and prayed together. Bishop KS

  8. So beautiful!

    (And was that SheIsCatholic breaking the news?)

  9. My daughter has been in this order since 2003.
    It is such a wonderful loving family to belong to.
    Mother really is a loving mother to these women!
    Watching this gave me goose bumps!
    So thrilling to watch these young & old women express their love
    for our new Holy Father!

    From 4 to 118 in 16 years!


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