Amazing Video: Policeman Saves Man From Jumping in Front of Train

This is amazing. It looks to me like the police officer's spidey sense was going off and that's why he sidled up next to him.

The Blaze reports:
A surveillance video posted to YouTube shows what is said to be an attempted suicide at a Medellin Metro station. A man is seen walking toward and away from the tracks looking for the oncoming train. Soon, a security guard or police officer comes into the camera’s view. Then, right as the train is pulling into the station, the man makes a leap toward the tracks, but the officer yanks him backward.



  1. God Bless the man who saved him, and also prayers for the man who thought his life was not worth it.

  2. And he picked him up and put his arm around him and walked with him.....

  3. O angel of God, my guardian dear.

  4. Thank God for that security man!! Talk about split second.


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