MSNBC Uses 5 Year Old to Push for Gay Marriage

MSNBC just went from having anchors with the intellect of five years olds to using actual five years olds to advance their liberal agenda.

This is kinda' creepy and weird and funny and head scratching. This MSNBC news person leads this five year old down the path to say exactly what Krystal Ball wants her to say. But the kid's just not getting it so Krystal Ball really has to lead her to act like gay marriage is such an obvious moral good that even a five year old can see it. Or something. The only thing that would've made it creepier is if Krystal Ball were dressed as a clown.



  1. Wait. Is her name really "Krystal Ball?"

    1. ....A,...your killin' me here!

      ...must reply! ;)....just couldn't resist!

      Actually, she is a pretty well known progressive useful idiot!...for real!....

      You would think with a name like "Krystal Ball", intuitive insight would come "supernaturally"......

      ...dull, thick and opaque as they come!

      Guess people with a name like that shouldn't be throwing any stones!...

  2. Now this poor little girl will always question her gender role and sexuality, and see women as a real possibility for sexual activity when it wouldn't have occurred to her before. Not providing her with a clear gender expectation is child abuse. Nothing less. Stupid nitwit mother.

  3. Again like I said in my last post on another topic on this site, why should any of us honestly be surprised at this judges actions? We are no longer living in the "Good Old USA" Instead we are living in the USSSA (UNITED SOCIALIST STATES OF AMERICA)now so we better get used to it. Its seems that this evil ideology has also affected the Media Hollywood and yes even our Politicians. But Homosexuality is pushed because it harms the nuclear family

  4. @40 Ella says: "a person like a husband or a wife" which is ignored by her mother. Ella's mother is dressed in a most garish outfit and behaves uncomfortably. I got the impression that if she had to do it all over again, she would have aborted Ella...or maybe it is the politically correct people around her who make Krystal uneasy...or maybe it is the fact that Ella mentions a husband and a wife as persons, unadulterated and unneutered partners. "I take this man to be my fake neutered wife", nothing but the truth.

  5. I have kids. Based on seeing this, one shouldn't assume this was a naturally arrived at conclusion by the child. Also, assuming there was no coaching prior to this, the older woman could have made it seem like marrying a car is ok. The child merely feeds off cues from the adult. As a parent, I'm hypersensitive to my behaviors, as my daughter ore than my son, notices every facial tick and every nuanced grimace to decide how I feel about any given thing. Children are amazing and we must realize many parents and non parental authority figures are doing exactly this. Coaching their kids into what is ok and what is not. This is done all the time. Imagine the outcome over time as we drift further and further into this dystopian future dominated by sexualization of everyone for everyone else's enjoyment.

  6. I had to look it up. She really is Krystal Ball. Sounds like an actress in a film genre best to avoid.

    Wikipedia says she led the charge to boycott Limbaugh during the Sandra Fluke thing. Go figure.

  7. Well, it seems to me she spent a whole lot more time on the inanimate object marriage problem than same sex marriage. Perhaps someday enlightened people (and their vehicle spouses) of the future will look back and shake their heads in wonder that while our progressive were able to see clear on homosexual marriage they actually believed inanimate object marriage simply couldn't happen!

  8. Poor little thing. When her mom asked what marriage was, the child was dying to say "when a lady and a man fall in love..." But she knew she wasn't supposed to say "lady and man," so she said,"I don't know." This issue is really confusing to kids because it doesn't make sense to their little brains that a man can marry a man. Kids know a marriage can only be between a woman and a man.

  9. In regard to the little girl,.... /:(

    Guess this poor kid is "really" going to be screwed up after mom explained "her version" of gender relationship concepts after, watching the "DISNEY" princesses!, know....Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine,.....Snow White,...

    ...well.....maybe Snow White could be a little weird!....or maybe not! "dwarfs" living together and one female!......

    Praying for her.

  10. Yup, this woman ran for congress here in Virginia and thankfully lost. She's putting words into her daughter's mouth. In her defense, it's her daughter, not some random kid off the street, and she's entitled to teach her kids whatever she chooses about gay marriage. But it's scary knowing this is what the Left is doing to all of our kids.

  11. In her defense, it's her daughter, not some random kid off the street…

    That's not a defense - it's an indictment. This girl has been entrusted to her by God, and so she has a greater responsibility to teach her the truth than she can have for any other child.

  12. Cruel. Demonic. Child abuse which will have long-term adverse sequelae. Re-education.

  13. This man is my legal wife. This woman is my legal husband. All nice and legal, but stupid.

  14. Kinda Creepy?

    No - This is way Creepy

  15. I believe it is called exploitation. And imagine the hue and cry if Catholics did this.


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