Outrage: NY Catholic High School Invites Gay Couple To Prom

Please read my post about the outrageous decision of a Catholic High School to invite a gay couple to prom and the disgusting way the priest defends his decision.



  1. Darn those public-school teachers. Oops -- that's me. Still no same-sex couples at our public school's prom, but, hey, thanks to this Catholic school for showing the way.

  2. And so it begins......

    LA Times: "A Softening In The Catholic Line On Gays?"

  3. Most of the Bishops and priests fail to teach the moral law, about intrinsic evils and the grave duty to avoid them. They have abandoned their duty to save souls from damnation.

  4. It seems that those kids are coming to the prom as a couple. If it
    were simply a matter of making the event open to everyone, for those
    two young men to be there with their classmates, then they'd be
    attending stag. Even a Jesuit cannot spin that this principal's response
    is anything but an endorsement and encouragement of their dating.

    Clearly Fr. Salmon is failing utterly in his duty to these young men.
    He is in no way preparing them to deal with their same-sex
    attraction in a way consonant with the teachings of the Church.

  5. Maybe if Fr. Salmon would have worded his justification "Vatican style" it would be universally adored. Let's give it a try:

    "To have excluded the young (men) from the ritual (of prom), would have detracted our attention from the essence of the Gospel, and the very beautiful and simple gesture of a father who desired to embrace those who were on the fringes of society; those who were not refined experts of liturgical rules.
    That (Father Salmon allowed the gays to come to prom), should call our minds and hearts to the simple and spontaneous gesture of love, affection, forgiveness and mercy of the (clergy), more than to legalistic, liturgical or canonical discussions."

    - Fr. Thomas Rosica, CEO of Salt & Light and Assistant to the Director of the Vatican Press Office (with my teeny, tiny substitutions).

    Yes! Much, much better.

  6. AS mentioned in the comments box connected to the article, the high school is independent of the Diocese of Rochester. The former bishop would have approved. The current apostolic administrator and any future bishop, should he attempt to intervene, will be told to mind his own business - and not told in a polite way, either.

  7. A homosexual what? A"couple"? That's a stark contradiction, and I'm not even a logician. Hey, if you don't believe me, check your hoses. Male to male? Female to female?

    Phil Ferguson, O.P./Lay


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