Prayers For Jen and Baby

Joseph Thomas Fulwiler arrived yesterday. Congratulations to the Fulwiler family.

However, some prayers are needed.
Unfortunately, he has some breathing problems (unrelated to my medical issues) that mean that he requires NICU care, and is now being transferred to a NICU at a different hospital with better facilities. Even more unfortunately, I have to stay here at the delivery hospital until we get my blood thinners under control. I haven’t even seen him that much since he’s been born.

Hallie keeps sending me encouraging texts telling me I’m being so strong. I’ve been meaning to follow up and ask her for some examples of what “not being strong at all” would look like. Because I’m pretty sure that that’s what I’m actually doing.

Needless to say, this is a stressful situation for all involved, so we appreciate any prayers you can offer. Thanks again for all your wonderful support.
Prayers on the way.
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  1. Prayers and blessings for the beautiful new posterity you have give us. Vitamin K, the clotting factor is abundant in leafy green vegetables and people on blood thinners cannot eat but lima beans. I had a friend who lost several pregnancies. After the doctor told her to not eat collard greens, and gave her blood thinners, she carried a little boy to full term. While I do not know your situation, Jen Fulwiler, this information cannot do any harm. One Hail Mary


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