The Most Offensive Anti-Catholic Story You'll Read Today

A female student at Carnegie Mellon dressed up as the Pope from the waist up and naked from the waist down passed out condoms to other students at an annual art school parade.

To make it even slightly more offensive, she shaved her hair down there in the shape of a cross. Now clearly, this was meant to be offensive and in your face.

The Diocese has asked CMU to take action against this kind of hateful behavior but CMU said they're unsure if their community standards were violated.

Excuse me?

Bishop David Zubik said he understands that "when we’re growing up we do stupid things" but he added that the behavior of this young woman crossed the line.

CMU issued a statement saying they'll continue to review the incident. This is purely hate-filled. There's no other explanation. Can you think of what the college would do if this type of speech were aimed at Jews, Muslims, or any other group for that matter.

If this doesn't fall beneath their "community standards" it's because they perhaps don't have any.

Here's a television news story with Bishop Zubik:

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  1. name another religious leader...

    The pope is an easy target because the media makes him a star. No one does a Brian Dole impression.

    Offended because he was identified, croc tears.

  2. Only one news affiliate, in the largely Catholic region of Pittsburgh, even saw fit to report this story.

  3. .....yessureee....

    .....she will now be known as an imbecile for the rest of her life!
    .....and that's being charitable!

    1. .....actions do have consequences,
      .....and higher education "is" wasted on some people!

      .....someone went into "obscene" debt for this?

  4. is there a picture of the woman?

  5. The Cross shaved on the pubic hair crossed the line. Why? Jesus died on the Cross. She can disagree with the Church and even mock us half naked as the Pope passing out condoms, but she is blindly ignorant at the most basic knowledge of one of the world's largest religions. Jesus died on the Cross, and even if she didn't believe he was Christ. Jesus is still a man crucified.

    I wonder if she supports the death penalty? That is what she is expressing on pubic area. How else do I read it?

  6. If she'd done an anti-gay, anti-Muslim, anti-black or anti-Semitic "art piece," there would be no question whatsoever that the university would be bringing her up on formal harassment charges for hate speech. There is also no question that this was a calculated anti-Catholic "art piece." The only question is, will the university have the guts to connect the dots in this case, or will they declare open season on Catholics?

  7. Hilarious to read you all clutching at your pearls. It wasn't so long ago Catholics were burned at the stake for protesting - and it wasn't so long before that Catholics were doing the burning.

    Welcome to Freedom of Speech.

  8. Rioting by Catholics in 3...2...1...(crickets chirping).

    If they aren't sure if community standards have been violated then there aren't any community standards left to violate.

  9. contrarian: Only TRUTH HAS FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Jesus Christ is TRUTH. So, this individual mocks TRUTH. some freedom? " Get a picture. She needs to carry this into eternity.

  10. Contrarian-- pure freedom of speech had not existed on college campuses for a very long time now. Which of the other groups I mentioned could be harassed in such a way and face no consequences?

  11. Maybe justice will be done in the end and she won't be able to find a job like a lot of college graduates these days.

  12. There is a simple test that must be considered here: How would CMU have responded had the woman dressed as a Muslim, but naked from the waist down. I don't think it takes a great deal of thought to recognize that a) she would have been suspended and b) the news coverage would have been all over the country.

    And if that is the case, then CMU's hypocrisy is writ large.

  13. Mary De Voe

    You are entitled to your religious beliefs. You are not entitled to impose them on me, this lady, or anyone else.

    William Meyer

    Do you really want a world where the most offended, most socially backward, most likey-to-resort-to-violence get to call the shots? My goodness - I think you do!

    You know, everyone, as Christians I'd have thought you might consider "forgiving" this poor girl, but of course not, that's not what you're about at all.

    One thing I've learned from reading thru this website: mocking Catholics, BAD. Systematically covering up child abuse to protect the Catholic Chiurch, GOOD.

  14. Both my husband and I are CMU alum. It is a sad day for us.

  15. And "contrararian" throws down the obligatory one-note song - covering up child abuse, yeah right, child abuse never happens outside the Catholic Church. Yes, we Christians are sinners. We know it. That is why we have so much respect for the Man on the Cross and why we are offended when He is offended. It is not mocking Catholics that is bad, we expect that and we treasure it because Jesus promised it would happen. The mocking is of Christ and that we don't stand for. We die for it. And I am speaking for a lot of Catholics when I say, yes, we pray for that misguided young lady. Jesus died for her sins too. And yours.

  16. Of course, the big loser in this are her parents who were foolish enough to sign on to her going to Carnegie Mellon and the tax payers if she got a student loan.

  17. Contrarian,
    Why seek out a news story with no seeming connection to you, just to attempt to mock people who seemingly have no connection with?
    Your cliched 'attacks' reveal your dependence on 'straw man' skewed images of the Catholic Church constructed by those who seemingly hate the idea of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church rather than the reality of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church.
    A little research will reveal to you that you are depending on anti-Catholic constructions that bear little similarity to the real thing.
    God bless.

  18. contrarian:

    I am a Catholic and I forgive the poor girl, all the more easily because her act was more pathetic than anything else.

    And I challenge you to find one post on this blog that asserts that "Systematically covering up child abuse to protect the Catholic Chiurch [sic]" is good.

    Oh - and I forgive you too. God bless you; I hope we'll meet in Heaven.

  19. Contrarian you are badly confused. My point was that it's a cheap shot taken precisely because the media will assist. Were a similarly cheap shot taken against Islam, the media would come unglued.

    As to the young woman, she needs our forgiveness and our prayers.

    Try not to twist that.

  20. DON'T feed the troll.

  21. I am sure the city must have laws against public nudity, open lewdness, corruption of minors, scattering rubbish...

  22. Let's say she did it and handed out cartoons of Muhammad and shaved herself "down there" to make a crescent?

  23. Let the Muslims and others rail about 'hate speech'. I hope Catholics keep silent and do not give the agent provocateurs what they want. The Catholic church is Holy. That is its nature. No obscenity can remotely touch that holiness. Let us just assume she is a very unhappy and damaged person.

  24. Contrarian, I forgive both this young woman's stunt and your blatant linguistic sleight of hand-- namely calling Catholic beliefs an "imposition" on you and this young woman, when your calling it an imposition is itself an imposition, just as those who claim "tolerance" impose a "morality" or lack thereof that involves rank inconsistencies that sing to the tune of "all beliefs are equal, but some are more equal than others."

    All morality (and by extension, lack thereof) is an imposition. The far more interesting question is what's getting imposed.

    You're entitled to your beliefs, but don't impose them on me or on the Catholic Church.

  25. The poor woman needs help. This attention seeking is a cry for help.
    Either that or she is barking mad.
    In any event she needs help

  26. Yeah, okay, most of you “imbeciles” writing these oh so profound and enlightened comments on this (and others) site have not the faintest idea of what is going on in this age so you continue to spin your wheels. Let me help you out:


    The time and place to solve and nip this in the bud was about 2 to 3 generations ago. You (a/k/a man) failed. There was no vigilance but much pride. And those few poor souls that were vigilant you demonized and were labeled trouble makers and “the problem” as they are being demonized today. This, this, ALL OF IT, did not just happen overnight. And it ain’t the economy stupid. It is the lack of humility that IS the problem. LOVE is and always has been the only answer to all of man’s problems. Bitching and moaning now in the thick of it, is doing absolutely no good other than confirming what I already know of you people. Your “activists” are no better than “their” activists and it truly frightens me. Why? Because ya’ll call yourselves good Catholics. Knock it off! Shut the hell up, get on your knees and fervently pray, pray long pray hard and pray often!

    . . . and if you think otherwise, well, the good angels are the ones who always begin: “Be not afraid.”

  27. Isn't there some sort of public exposure/indecency laws that she violated?

  28. I can see from an artistic point-of-view what see was saying. For one thing, it is called the Naked Parade (that is enough to tell you what you might expect); second, the Popes have always, with a small mention of Pope Emeritus Benedict, about Catholics not using condoms-yet she was passing them out; third, the cross in the public area probably represents how the Catholic faith is putting rules on sex and women's bodies; fourth she was not afraid about what and how she practiced what she believes. Perhaps it was in poor taste as the Pope, but if there was a female Pope, would there be advocating of condom use?

  29. If the woman had similarly offended the Jews, she would be facing a massive lawsuit. If the woman had similarly offended Muslims, she would be facing a lethal fatwa. Since the woman has freely chosen to offend God and His Church, she may have someone to pray for her soul.

  30. Please. Go to a university. Dress like a Hassidic Jew from the waist up and shave your pubic hair in the Star of David. Hand out holocaust-denying texts. Think you won't get arrested?
    Dress up in blackface, waist up, pubic hair looks like a monkey, and talk in mock urban style. Hand out nooses.
    Dress up in muslim garb from the waist up; pubic hair looking like Mohammed. Hand out money wrapped in bacon.
    Dress like Obama. Pubic hair all bloody. Hand out fake bullets.

    Now, why did she not get arrested again? Just because her hatred and violence-inciting actions were directed at Catholics???


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