Wow. Days After Marathon Bombing, Boston Hockey Fans Sing National Anthem

This sent chills up my spine. Rene Rancourt starts singing, and then the TD Garden crowd takes it home as Boston returns to sports two days after the bombing at the Boston Marathon. Must watch video of the day.

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  1. As a display of solidarity, sure it's great. Unfortunately it still uses the nationalism that fails us. Boston was mobbed up with agents of the state, yet this tragedy still happened. And you know they are going to use this a pretext for more power, more cameras, more intrusions on us.
    There's got to be a point where the defender (patriot) takes a clear eyed veiw of what has gone down in this country and realizes that what he's tried to defend has been stolen out from under him. Then, suddenly, the anthem, the flag, and the like start to look like part of the problem. True solidarity requires unity against this regime. The Republic is dead. You shouldn't sing the anthem, unless you've made the words true again.

    1. The whole event is highly suspicious. It is clear that at least Federal authorities had foreknowledge of the bombing.

  2. TD Garden = Toronto-Dominion (Bank)

  3. You know what, August? Just shut up. Now isn't the time.

  4. I wish I could like Dom's comment one thousand times.

  5. I have a problem that more than peeves me when the National Anthem becomes a solo piece. It is the song of the people. Let them sing.

  6. Thumbs up Domenico.


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